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Malaysian Celebrity, Goh Wee Ping’s Best-Kept Beauty Secret

Even if you’re happy with the looks you were born with, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing them for a boost of self-confidence. This is made easy and convenient with our hyper-personalized range of MASJ Treatment Packages and the reputable and trusted aesthetic doctors we partner with. Today, we’re chatting with Malaysian actor and celebrity, Goh Wee Ping about the reasons for undergoing aesthetic treatments and how they have enhanced his exclusive features and more.

Q: Tell us about the many hats you wear and anything interesting you’d like our readers to know.

A: I’m a TV host, an actor, a professional Master of Ceremony and an entrepreneur. My latest adventure is making cake decorations with fondant; creating realistic looking objects using fondant and edible materials. My typical day starts very early in the morning when I wake up around 7am. I usually take my supplements and do my meditation, followed by a healthy breakfast before I start work

Q: How has aesthetic treatments helped you in these areas?

A: Tremendously! I’m surprised a lot of people take their youthfulness for granted. I believe one cannot stop aging, but we can slow down the process. I am not fearful of growing old, I am proud of my age and looking my best at whatever age I am at.

Always find a trusted doctor!

Q: When did you start undergoing aesthetic treatments, what made you start and can you tell us more about your first aesthetics experience?

A: I started aesthetic treatments in 2015 when I hit 45. My first aesthetic experience with another clinic was not a pleasant one. The under eye fillers were not done correctly, and I had to subsequently undergo a corrective procedure. My experience at Clique is that they’re absolutely professional, from the extensive consultation prior to any treatment or procedure, as well as the professionalism of their meticulous staff to the cleanliness of the clinic. I think it’s important for clients to be mentally prepared for any downtime post-treatment, which Clique addressed too. Hence choosing an experienced aesthetic doctor is key!

Q: Which MASJ Treatment Package did you undergo, and what did you like about it?

A: I underwent the MASJ Flawless Angles Treatment Package. The combination of aesthetic treatments I underwent helped tighten lax skin in the lower part of my face and give me a more chiseled jawline. The procedures were a breeze and there was not much discomfort and the results were assuring.

Also, big round of applause to Dr Lim, I think he’s the most professional doctor I’ve come across thus far. I also did some additional treatments on top of the Flawless Angles Treatment Package, including micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation (MFU-V) and dermal fillers to define my other facial features to better complement my lower face and jawline. I was impressed by how Dr Lim was able to improve the symmetry and proportions of my face with just the right amount of fillers. Bravo!

Q: What is your take on undergoing aesthetic treatments to enhance one’s natural beauty?

A: We all know beauty has its standards. That being said, humans are naturally more attracted to people with good facial proportions and defined features. proportionate features. We are all not born perfect, hence there is absolutely nothing wrong for one to pursue aesthetic treatments to enhance one’s appearance. We can draw a parallel of choosing to undergo aesthetic treatments and going to the gym to better oneself. As long as it makes you happy and more confident, I encourage everyone to go for it!

Q: What are your thoughts about men taking care of their looks?

A: [Laughs] Most men don’t even know how lucky they are! Given that men literally have thicker skin than women, we defy aging way better! The problem is, most men are lazier when it comes to self-care. So if a man can look way better by putting in a little bit of effort then why not?

Q: More men are seeking aesthetic treatments, what advice would you give readers on the fence about trying aesthetic treatments?

A: I cannot emphasize it enough, professional, professional, professional. Please find a licensed clinic with professional doctors who are qualified to perform the procedure. No matter how simple the procedure. Do your research, don’t take chances.

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