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MASJ Treatment Packages

MASJ Treatment Packages

Take charge of your beauty with the
Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey (MASJ) Treatment Packages,
specially curated to enhance your favourite features.

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MASJ Enchanting Eyes

Refresh and take the years off your eyes for a natural and youthful look
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines
  • More refreshed and brighter looking eyes
  • Lifted and beautiful brows

MASJ Perfect V

Enhance your cheek contour and chin projection for a sharp, V-shaped visage
  • Restores midface volume loss
  • Accentuates cheek contours for a more youthful and refreshed look
  • Enhanced chin projection and definition

MASJ Luscious Lips

Achieve those fuller, smoother and kissable lips
  • Softens the appearance of lip lines
  • Enhances the contour and definition of lip outlines
  • Restores natural-looking lip volume for a fuller look

MASJ Alluring Smile

Look naturally happier with beauty and grace
  • Lifts the corners of your mouth to look happier and positive
  • Replenishes volume loss to correct deep marionette lines

MASJ Flawless Angles

Achieve the ideal contoured jawline and lifted under chin
  • Lifts and tightens skin of the lower face and submentum
  • Reduces the appearance of double chin
  • Restores youthful contour and jawline definition

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