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Avoid sleeping habits that could be giving you sleep lines and wrinkles

Do Your Sleeping Habits Cause Facial Wrinkles?

We all know the age-old saying that is featured prominently in various beauty guides and articles, “Getting beauty sleep is the key to keeping your skin radiant and flawless”. What you may not realize, however, is that your bedtime and sleeping habits may be causing facial wrinkles!

Here are some common sleep habit-related mistakes that could cause sleep wrinkles and lines on your face:

Mistake 1: Not Using the Right Pillowcase

If you’re using a cotton pillowcase, this is the first red flag of your bedtime routine! Friction between the cotton and your skin, especially if it is acne prone, can make it dry and irritated. Overtime, this will accentuate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Cotton also absorbs the bacteria and natural oil from your face and hair night after night causing your skin to lose its moisture. The combination of prolonged friction, and exposure to dirt is sure to convince anyone to toss out their cotton bedding ASAP!

Opt for softer material like natural silk. While silk pillowcases have not been proven to have an anti-aging effect, they cause less friction and stay clean for longer periods without pulling moisture from your face.

Mistake 2: Sleeping on Your Side or Stomach

Sleeping on the side of your face speeds up the development of wrinkles. Our skin loses its elasticity due to ageing and external factors like sun damage, so when your face is pressed in one position often enough it will develop into sleep lines, which can eventually become permanent wrinkles.

Avoid wrinkling while snoozing by sleeping on your back to help reduce pressure on either side of your face.

Mistake 3: Going to Bed with Makeup On

We’ve all done it. The night was long and you can’t help but skip your usual cleansing routine before hitting the pillow. This cheeky habit should stay out of your nighttime routine if you hope to maintain your radiance as makeup traps dirt on your skin. Throughout the day, our skin is also exposed to free radicals that can hinder collagen production, making it easier for sleep lines on your face to form.

On these time-pressed days, you can consider using all-in-one cleansing and moisturising wipes, however, do use them sparingly due to the chemicals found in these wipes!

Mistake 4: Not Sleeping Enough

Sleeping 8 hours a night seems like a luxury, but it is actually what can keep you young inside and out. Our growth-hormone levels decrease when we don’t get enough rest, causing our collagen production and skin elasticity to decrease. This means that your skin will start to sag and wrinkle. Poor sleep quality has also been associated with lower skin barrier protection, which means your skin will easily become dehydrated and dull-looking if you’re not careful.

Stick to a sleep schedule every night, including weekends to form a healthy bedtime habit.

Mistake 5: Not Moisturising Your Face Before Bed

Experts claim that our skin rejuvenates best between 10 pm and 2 am when we are in deep sleep causing the skin metabolism to increase and cell turnover to rise. However, most of us do not sleep that early. Hence, it is important to apply a hydrating moisturizer and not skip out on your nighttime skincare routine as these serve as a helping hand for that glowy skin look.

A heavier, cream-or oil-based moisturizer can do wonders to protect your skin from dehydrating overnight.

Not sure if your sleeping habits are causing more sleep lines and wrinkles? Looking for a more semi-permanent solution to prevent those wrinkles? Consult a qualified medical professional who can guide you on this journey of discovery today.

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