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Skin care myths you should stop following

5 Skincare Myths You Should Stop Following

With an excess of information across the Internet, it can be hard to differentiate what are facts when it comes to skincare. Let us get into some of the more popular skincare myths that you should stop following. Your skin will thank you for it!

Myth 1: You do not need to apply sunscreen if you are indoors

UV rays are harmful for your skin and you need to apply sunscreen before going out. That being said, do you know that you are also exposed to sunlight streaming through the windows, and the blue light emitted by your smart devices even when you are indoors? So, be sure to stay protected from the sun.

Myth 2: If retinol irritates your skin, stop using it completely

Purging when using retinol is a completely normal process that usually lasts between 2 to 6 weeks. When you start using retinol, use a pea-sized amount at night on dry skin and decrease the frequency according to your skin needs. Go slow and integrate it slowly, starting with 1 to 2 times a week. You can also consider diluting your retinol by mixing it with your moisturiser.

Myth 3: Feeling a burning sensation means my product is working

If you experience a tingling sensation that lasts beyond 3 seconds or notice a flushed and irritated face after applying a product – you need to stop using the product. It is likely that your skin is sensitive to a certain ingredient in the product. The best thing to do in this situation is to stop using the product and consult your dermatologist.

Myth 4: Do pores open and close?

You may have heard that your pores open up when you steam your face, but this is not true! Your pores remain the same size and the steam would only loosen up certain debris on your skin and increase blood flow. “So why do my pores look so huge?” That’s because when pores become clogged with dirt and oil, they look more prominent. To prevent this, be sure to exfoliate regularly to keep your pores clean.

Myth 5: You do not need to moisturise if you have oily skin

Oily skin could be a sign that your face is dehydrated – as your face is generating all that extra oil to try and keep your skin hydrated. While you might be tempted to skip the moisturiser, opt instead for a lighter, water based moisturiser to balance your skin’s oil production.

One of the biggest myths in skincare is the belief that “one solution fits all”. Your skin needs are as unique as you are, and it deserves a personalised treatment plan. Speak to a trusted aesthetic professional who will help you achieve your beauty goals today.

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