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The importance of getting an authentic MFU-V treatment|Micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation machine

The Importance of Getting an Authentic MFU-V Treatment

You have been hearing all about the non-invasive skin tightening procedure called “micro-focused ultrasound with real-time visualisation” (MFU-V) and you are thinking of trying it.

Before you book your appointment, do ensure you are getting an authentic treatment. As there are many counterfeit treatments around, it is vital that you seek authentic treatments at verified medical aesthetic clinics, administered by an experienced professional. Read on to learn about the dangers of counterfeit treatments and how to identify an authentic MFU-V machine!

Why is a non-authentic treatment harmful?

  • Inconsistent delivery of ultrasound energy

    When the treatment delivers inconsistent ultrasound energy, you potentially end up with ineffective results and inconsistent outcomes.

  • Delivery of ultrasound energy too close to the skin’s surface

    Having the energy administered to the right skin layer is crucial as it ensures the best results. Counterfeit treatments run the risk of delivering ultrasound energy that would be too close to the skin’s surface, which could result in burns.

  • “Blind” administration of treatment

    The “V” in MFU-V stands for “Visualisation” that happens in real time, which is what medical doctors rely on in order to precisely target collagen-rich tissue layers and avoid structures such as your bones and blood vessels. Counterfeit treatments don’t have this technology and might even display a static video feed instead. This means the administrator may not be treating the right areas, as the treatment is being administered “blindly”!

While you may be able to save more with the initial treatment costs, you might end up with side effects that could cost you even more.

Micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation machine

How can I identify an authentic treatment?

Here are three things to look out for that can help you identify an authentic MFU-V treatment:

  • Make sure you are receiving the treatment from a certified provider

    Not only does this ensure that you’ll be getting an authentic treatment, but you’re also making sure that the consultation, advice, and treatment plan you’re receiving will be personalised to your needs, and carried out with utmost professionalism and care.

  • Look out for authentication identifiers

    Keep an eye out for (or better yet, ask to be shown) the various authentication identifiers that certified providers should carry and have at hand, such as a seal of authenticity, certificate of authenticity, emblems, and a patient certificate.

  • See if your treatment visualisation is in real-time

    One of the signature features of MFU-V is its “real-time visualisation” capability, which ensures the accuracy of energy delivery during treatment. With this in mind, check if the ultrasound images visualised on the device screen are in real-time. When the handpiece moves, the ultrasound images on screen should change in real-time.

Make sure you seek trusted professionals at verified aesthetic clinics. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Find a professional doctor today!

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