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Five Damaging Skin Care Habits to Stop Right Now

Your skincare routine may check all the right boxes, but if you’re not seeing the results you’re expecting, there’s a good chance you may have some bad skincare habits sabotaging your skin. From using expired skincare to taking hot showers or eating sugary goodies, these less obvious habits could be the reason for breakouts that don’t go away or the fine lines that appear out of nowhere. We’ve rounded up five bad habits to look out for, check if you’re guilty of any of them below.

Leaving Your Facial Mask On Beyond the Stated Time

Regular masking is a good thing. However, what’s damaging for your skin is leaving the mask on for too long. For example, when a sheet mask is left to dry on your skin for more than what is indicated on the packaging, it pulls moisture from your face, leaving your skin dehydrated. Similarly, clay masks are very effective at drawing excess oil and impurities out of your skin. So effective that they will also absorb water from your skin barrier, stripping skin of its natural oils and compromising barrier function. In short, don’t let a mask completely dry on your face.

Do not leave your facial mask beyond the stated time

Using Expired Skincare

Do you cringe at the thought of throwing out a half-used product? Truth is, expired products are less potent or effective—especially if they contain actives such as Vitamin C or Retinol. You should also be worried about the stability of the formula, especially if your product is preservative-free. Bacteria can start to build up, even more so if it’s an open jar that you keep dipping your fingers into. Most beauty products have a period-after-opening (PAO) symbol on the packaging that dictates how long a product should be used for, after you first open it. In general, don’t use any product that smells or looks off, has separated or changed in texture.

Using Too Many Products

Less is more when it comes to skincare. While a 10-step skincare routine is an indulgent ritual to enjoy, a minimalist routine may be the reset your skin needs. If you’re using too many active products at once, you’re potentially tipping the scales toward skin irritation instead of reaping any benefits. If you’re experiencing redness, flaking or sensitivity, you’re likely overdoing it. Start with a simple cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen to rebalance skin, adding in an exfoliating product once or twice a week.

Taking Hot Showers

Steamy showers can feel comforting after a long day’s work, but here’s the bad news; hot water can dry out your skin, causing itching and irritation. This can aggravate any inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. If cold showers are not your thing, consider keeping your showers short and use lukewarm water instead. After your shower, help your skin retain moisture better by applying moisturiser while it is still damp. 

Stress or Comfort Eating

Donuts, cupcakes, potato chips and cookies all have one thing in common—they all rank high on the glycemic index scale. The glycemic index is a value assigned to foods based on how quickly they cause an increase in blood glucose levels. While weight gain may be your primary concern, high sugar levels can also cause glycation, which is known to speed up the skin’s ageing process. Glycation causes a loss in elasticity in the skin, manifesting as fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores or saggy skin. A diet high in sugar or refined carbohydrates can also cause a spike in insulin, which increases the production of testosterone and inflammation in the body, in turn leading to acne. Weaning yourself off a sugar-heavy diet may sound tough, but you can follow these simple tips to get started. 

If you’ve been wondering why your skin hasn’t been looking its best lately, these five bad beauty habits may be the reason behind a dull complexion or breakouts. Aside from kicking these habits, you can also consult a professional aesthetic doctor about treatment options to achieve a more healthy, radiant visage today.

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