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How To Contour For a Defined Neck|How To Contour Your Neck: Methods Of Contouring|Neck Contouring Makeover For Beginners|Neck Contour Makeup Guide

How to Contour Your Neck: A Step-By-Step Guide

What is Neck Contouring?

Contouring involves playing light and dark colours against each other to create an illusion of depth, allowing you to define your features. Instead of just making your cheekbones more prominent or contouring your jawline, neck contouring focuses on extending, and defining your neck to give you that perfect finish for your overall look.

Read on to find out how to contour your neck in the comfort of your home.

Before you Start

Prepare your contouring product of choice, be it a cream, palette or stick. It is key to use a colour that is 1 – 2 tones darker than your original skin tone to create the desired visual depth effect.

How To Contour Your Neck: Methods Of Contouring

Step 1: Start off by contouring the outer edge of your face by tracing your jawline starting from the part nearest to your ear. This works by emphasising parts of your jaw & neck you want to show off.
Next, blend the lines in an upward motion with either a blending brush or your fingers to ensure that trace lines are not visible.

If you’ve just started to learn how to contour, begin with one side of your face – so you can easily judge the difference by comparing it in the mirror with the non-contoured side.

Neck Contouring Makeover For Beginners

Step 2: Contour downwards along both sides of your neck and proceed to blend and smoothen out any harsh lines.

You could extend the contour lines along the natural dips of your neck, especially, if you’re planning to wear an outfit that shows off your collarbone or shoulders.

Step 3: Look upwards, and do some shading under your chin and blend that in as well. This shadow under your jaw would allow for a more pronounced chin and sculpted neck.

If you’re trying to mask a ‘double chin’, this step is especially helpful. It will help create a shadow so your double chin becomes less prominent.

If time is a constraint and you’re looking for a more effective, long-lasting way to lift and tighten loose skin, as well as smoothen out wrinkles on your neck area, check out the micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation treatment. It delivers ultrasound energy to targeted tissue layers at precise depths under the skin, so as to stimulate collagen production for a more youthful looking neck.

Not sure where to start? Seek personalised advice from trusted aesthetic healthcare professionals today!

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