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6 Tips To Recharge For The New Year

 Before we flip the calendar to a fresh new year, sit back and wind down to recharge your mind and body!

The gloomy weather, holiday stress and the turn of the year struggles – the year end season can turn out to be really challenging. For that, we bring you 6 valuable tips for your body and mind to recoup and be ready for the New Year. Ultimately, always do what is good for you and things that inspire you!

Try something new!

Have you always wanted to try something out of the ordinary for a long time? The upcoming new year is the best time for it!  Have been sitting on your plans of learning scuba diving for years? Time to turn that into a reality. Or else, learn the art of burlesque! No matter what you try, every new experience gives you untapped strength and confidence.

Get creative!

Let your ideas sparkle and make something out of it! This works best with a painting or pottery course. A goldsmith course, in which you can make your own piece of jewellery, can also clear your head. A pleasant side effect? That  new piece of jewellery can remind you to treat yourself more often. 


Life also becomes mundane when there are no new experiences. Visit an art exhibition, a play or take some time for a short getaway to an unknown city. The new gift shop around the corner could well be your next subject of exploration — it’s only about time!


Admittedly, this tip is not very original, but it is particularly effective. Hence, it can’t be missed. Relax with a day off in the comforts of your own four walls. The best tools to pair it with are: a relaxing music playlist, scented candles and a nourishing bubble bath.

Go out!

Nothing helps you to think clearly again better than a few hours out in fresh air. A long walk, a hike or a bike tour often work wonders. Make full use of these calm moments by taking a break on the way and drinking a cup of hot chocolate! 


Isn’t life too beautiful not to indulge in all the pleasant things? Then it’s only right you treat yourself to something luxurious. An extensive spa treatment with a chocolate massage or an exquisite five-course menu can help to awaken your senses!

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