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These 5 Signs Are Giving Away Your Age – What Are They?

Remember the last time you asked someone to guess your age – did they get it right? Your age should be your youthful secret to keep. So, don’t let your skin spoil the big surprise and dampen your confidence. Sagging skin, deep folds, lines and wrinkles are the telltale signs of how old you are. Do you know which of these wrinkles are giving away your age?

Signs of ageing start as early as in your twenties, meaning that you will begin to look less rejuvenated and more tired as time goes by. With the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, your face may not look as uplifted as before. The good news is, it is never too late to combat signs of ageing.

Smile Lines

Smile Lines can be seen along the nasolabial folds on your face. These smile lines can make you look aged and less youthful.

Marionette Lines

Marionette Lines are creases that start to form below the corners of your mouth. They create an unflattering appearance that makes you look older.


Jowls appear when there is noticeable sagging of the skin along the jawline area, making your jawline look less defined. A droopy jawline can give your age away.

Midface Volume Loss

Loss of soft tissue volume and skeletal support in the cheek is one of the first signs of aging. This also leads to profound changes in other regions such as the nasolabial folds and tear troughs, making you look tired, sad and older.

Mental Crease

Mental Creases are embarrassing fine lines that appear across your chin as you get older. They can distract others from your beautiful smile and make you look older.

Start managing these visible signs of ageing skin today by making a positive change to your nutrition, fitness and skincare routine – or consider minimally invasive aesthetic treatments most comfortable to your needs.

Take control and own your bold and confident beauty. Restore your youth and choose a lifting filler for immediate and long-lasting results1. Looking youthful and radiant is not just about filling up lines and wrinkles. Ask for a filler that does not just lift and define – it should also work under the skin to trigger and intensify natural collagen and elastin production2, restoring your youthfulness and confidence over time. Put your best face forward with supple and youthful skin.


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