Jawline Contouring Done Right

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What can you do if the transitions between your jaw, chin and neck become blurred?

The role in which the chin and jawline determines one’s visage should not be underestimated. When you think of a striking chin and jawline, you often think of men first. A defined jawline, however, is coveted by females as well. Not only can your face look more youthful due to clear distinctions between your jawline and decolletage, the neck can also stand out through the optical separation from the face. With the chin-jawline definition, this forms an aesthetic appeal.

When the contours blur

While most of us are pursuing clearly contoured facial features, it is a reality that our skin loses elasticity and volume due to the natural aging process over the years. With that, the skin then gradually sags, giving rise to heavy jowls and blurring out our jawline contour. Fortunately, there are also ways to prevent this process!

Contouring is more than makeup

The term “contouring” may be rather confusing. The pioneers were the Kardashians, who conjured up very concise facial features with the sophisticated contouring make-up technique. The painted contours are certainly justified in professional photo spreads, Instagram appearances and in the flash of red carpets. However, this massive and rather time-consuming use of make-up is unsuitable for a natural appearance in everyday life. 

Contouring is also a common term in the aesthetic field, where it has been used in the beauty industry for several years. The focus is on the harmonious modeling of facial contours. Today, astonishing results can be achieved with comparatively little effort, while looking almost natural.

Reaping the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers are one of the most popular treatment methods in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. These fillers instantly plump your skin and smooth out wrinkles on your face. In particular, Cohesive Polydensified Matrix HA (CPM-HA) filler is aunique formulation that integrates seamlessly into your skin without disrupting the natural contours of your face and hence wouldn’t affect your facial expressions. Plus, HA fillers hydrate the surface of your skin to keep it looking fresh and rejuvenated. To top it off, the effects from these fillers are immediately visible and last for about 6–18 months! 

All shaped up

A jawline contouring procedure takes only slightly longer than a make-up session, but the effects last much longer. An injection procedure with hyaluronic acid dermal filler takes only 20-30 minutes! Ensuring a fresher appearance, the results are significant  yet natural-looking. If beauty needs “corners and edges”, then it’s probably these!

Speak to our aesthetic professionals for a customised treatment today!

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