6 Ways to Get You Going For The New Year

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These tips will make you feel tired no more!

We’re one foot into the year and your new year resolutions are starting to look distant and bothersome. It’s a dreary feeling that creeps from within and you’re externally drained. Before you allow yourselves to be further infected by the negative energy, here are 6 ways to keep your mind and body refreshed!

Sip, sip, hooray

Grab a fresh ginger bulb and cut off a few slices. Add mineral water and let it sit overnight. With lots of ice cubes, transform the mix into a magic potion to give you a fresh sip of cold ginger drink.

Soak in steam baths

Moisture is not only good for your skin, but also for your mucous membranes. Hence, steam and inhalation baths are real blessings for the body and soul, and you don’t want to miss out on this! Simply add a few drops of exotic-scented essential oils (e.g. jasmine or coconut) to a bowl of hot steaming water. An exotic fragrance may inspire your senses and your skin also gets an express recovery from the dose of moisture!

Get it going

Exercising gets the heart rate up and the blood flowing which raises your energy levels. With moderate action from exercises like jogging, pilates or even a light workout at home, you can get your heartbeat pumping. The blood flow is then accelerated so that mind and body are supplied with more nutrients and oxygen to make you feel more energetic!

Take a stance

Whoever puts his body in a proud, upright posture not only looks powerful, but also feels fitter. The reason is simple: Fine nerve pathways of the spinal cord are connected to our brains and depending on the degree of uprightness, it conveys appropriate impulses to the activity centre in the brain.

Facial refreshment

Mix aloe vera juice and water (1:1) in a small spray bottle and add a small dash of coconut oil. Now shake the whole thing well and spray this cool mix on your face and décolleté whenever you feel tired. The wet mist not only has a cooling and invigorating effect, but also leaves a delicate shimmer on the skin that makes even the most tired complexion look dewy.

Soak up the sun

Use every free minute to enjoy the morning sun. Not only does it do you good, it also cheers you up! Sunlight provides certain hormonal activities in the body that make us more vital and happy. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to sun care to prevent lasting UV damage.

Dance yourself awake

The most reliable weapon against fatigue can come from the speakers. Turn up your music extra loud if you feel tired and you could even dance to your favorite hit. Pump up the volume of the music in the office, on the train or anywhere else you could afford to: Put the headphones on and perk yourself up!

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