5 Quick Tips to Smooth Out those Wrinkles and Fine Lines

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Here’s to plumper and nourished skin!

The pesky little lines on our faces are a by-product of a lifetime of sun exposure and other factors and it adds years to one’s age. Fortunately, there are ways to beat the natural aging process and smooth out the unwanted wrinkles to look refreshed and rejuvenated. Here are 5 tips to help you stay fresh and youthful!

1. Give Your Skin the Moisture it Needs

Wrinkles are more pronounced when your skin is dry, so be sure to hydrate your skin daily to retain that dewy glow. Use a moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin stays supple and plump.

2. Slather on sunscreen regularly

Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays by reapplying sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every two hours. Sunscreens play a very important role in preventing photoaging caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which leads to pigmentary problems, loss of skin elasticity and premature wrinkling. So slather on liberally! 

If you’re noticing the emergence of some fine lines around the area of your eyes, consider the next generation Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins to curb the signs of ageing. It  relaxes your overactive facial muscles and reduce the appearance of these lines to achieve a softer and more refreshed appearance.

3. Prime the Lines Away

If makeup is your forte, silicone-based primers can help fill up your pores and wrinkles, which literally smoothens your skin out. Now that your wrinkles are hidden, you can add some makeup to look absolutely flawless.

4. Conceal Sparingly

The adage “A little goes a long way” comes into play, especially if you want a natural look. Apply a pea-sized amount of matte cream concealer under your eyes and dab it gently to mask away uninvited wrinkles.

5. Invest in aesthetic treatments

Apart from your facial skin, remember to take care of your neck and décolleté – one of the most neglected areas on the body that can reveal your true age. The US FDA-cleared micro-focused ultrasound with visualization (#mfuv) treatment smooths out fine lines on your décolleté, as well as lifts your brows and skin under the chin. If you notice your skin starting to lose its fullness and glow, you could also opt for patented CPM technology hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

Don’t forget to consult trusted medical professionals to achieve the results you desire!

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