5 Benefits You’ll Reap When You Rotate Your Workout Regimes

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It’s time to switch it up!

Ever feel bored after sticking to a workout routine for a few months? Or noticed that your fitness has plateaued? If that answer is a maybe or a yes, here are 5 benefits when you change up your workout routine.

1. Keep your brain active

Studies have shown that exercising helps with memory and thinking. It also aids to improve your mood, sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. By switching up your workout routines, it will challenge your brain to master new exercises and work out your brain at the same time!

2. Workout different muscle groups

Take this chance to work on different muscles in comparison to your previous workout. There could be body parts that you might not have covered or missed out in your previous workout routine. Now is the time to start focusing on it! 

3. Prevent old injuries from recurring

By switching up your workout routine, you give your tired or injured muscles a chance to rest.  While it is ok to push towards your fitness goals, putting additional strain on injured muscles will deepen the injury and impair the recovery process.

4. Start burning more calories

When you first start out with a new sport/exercise, your body strives to master it but it will eventually reach a plateau. Changing up your exercises that are new and unfamiliar to your body can help it to work harder, adapt and grow  hence burning more calories.

5. Feel that fitness spark

When attempting something new, you will definitely feel that excitement of embarking on a new journey. Rediscover your passion for fitness with a new workout routine and new possibilities!

What about parts that can’t be toned through exercises?

If you find that the skin under your chin  is losing elasticity and that no amount of neck or jaw exercises is keeping it firm, opt for U.S. FDA-cleared micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation (#mfuv) treatments to lift saggy skin in this area. It stimulates the production of new collagen to lift and tighten skin naturally and without any downtime. For a slimmer face and contoured  jawline, consider combining micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation treatments with dermal fillers to restore support and definition. Remember to speak to a trusted medical professional to achieve the results you desire!

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