What Kind Of Lips Do You Have?


What Kind Of Lips Do You Have?

Pouty lips, thin lips or heart-shaped lips, embrace them all with a lip-puckering smile!

Sensual. Luscious. Attractive. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have those terms used to describe your highly desirable pouts? While lip care should be an essential part of our skincare routine, having the perfect lip shape to your liking could be the key to your self-confidence! Don’t have the au naturale lips that you desire? Or unsure what kind of lips suit you the most? You might want to consider minimally-invasive treatments like hyaluronic acid lip fillers to see how that works out on you. In the recent years, lip augmentation and enlargements are one of the most sought after minimally-invasive aesthetic medical procedures, although it may only be a temporary fix. Even Kylie Jenner’s not denying she had hers plumped up to achieve that gorgeous pout!

Here’s the lowdown on the kind of lip shape desired by women all over the globe.

Oh-So-Pouty Lips

An evergreen rave and highly desired by women across the globe, full, plump and pouty lips often has the embodiment of sex appeal, attached to it. Full lips are defined by thick upper and lower lips, leaving very little left to the imagination. While they aren’t always symmetrical, thick lips are said to be one of the most requested minimally-invasive procedures in aesthetic clinics.


Thin Lips

Thin lips are easily distinguishable (although barely conspicuous enough) from the other lip types due to the thin upper and lower lip characteristic. If you’re looking to make them appear bigger, a lip liner does the trick pretty well. Alternatively, opt for FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers to plump it to your desired sizes whilst achieving a more natural look!


Cupid’s Bow (or Pointed Upper Lip)

If you’ve got a prominent Cupid’s Bow (the area in the middle of your upper lips) and a relatively thick lower lip, you’re having lips akin to American songstress Taylor Swift. And that’s still equally sensual on another level. Loving this lip shape? Dermal fillers are alternatives to surgical procedures if you’d like to add definition or correct the developing wrinkles along your lip lines.


Wide Lips

This is often characterised with the accompaniment of a wide smile. The thickness of one’s lips however may vary for women with wide lips! Hollywood actresses like Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts might give you a better visualisation.