The Ultimate Skincare Routine To Try to Diminish Those Forehead Wrinkles

The Ultimate Skincare Routine To Try to Diminish Those Forehead Wrinkles

We can’t escape ageing, but we sure can tell you how to delay it!

Wrinkles are never anyone’s best friend. And we know for a fact there is a growing demand for people who’d want to remove them, fast. Although we can’t offer immediate remedies, we present to you a few tips to diminish those forehead lines!


Sunscreen is Not Just For The Beach

You don’t need sunscreen only for a fun day out in the sun. Essentially, sunscreens work to block out harmful UV rays and protect your skin from damage. If you didn’t know, they effectively protect from premature signs of ageing as well!


Don’t Skip the Toner

If you’re noticing deeply-etched forehead wrinkles, it is a result of both repeated facial expressions as well as your skin losing its elasticity and collagen. These manifestations of aging are inevitable but the regular use of toners  aid to reduce oil production and give the appearance of smaller pores. This gives you a clean canvas for you to slather on the goodness of anti-ageing products. Enroute to smooth, supple, and healthier skin.


Injectable Treatments can be Your New Best Friend

Plenty of anti-ageing serums contain Vitamin C and Retinol (a form of Vitamin A) which helps tackle the anti-ageing issue. If it doesn’t seem to sit with your skin, explore injectable treatments! With the advancement in medical technology, Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins can now do the trick. They act on nerve-endings in muscles to prevent muscle fibres from contracting so you can now look to reduce those frown lines. Minimally-invasive with minimal downtime? We’re sold.