Forehead 101: Get a heads up with new knowledge on the mighty forehead!


Forehead 101: Get a heads up with new knowledge on the mighty forehead!

Ever wonder how your forehead might determine your everyday luck? Or curious to understand how your forehead might impact your life? We answer all your questions from beauty treatments to fashion tips. Here are 5 things you may or may not know about our mighty foreheads!


Fore…Tell Your Future/Personality

Sit back and relax because we’ve scanned through many ancient texts to compile how the size of your forehead affects your future. For the Chinese, having a high and well-defined forehead generally is an indication of luck, wealth and good fortune. For the rest of us who don’t subscribe to that belief, we bring you a different interpretation.
For someone with a vertical single crease between your eyebrows, this signifies that one is persistent with determination which many admire due to their never-say-die attitude. There’s more, but we’ll skip that for you to find out!

As for multiple forehead lines, this may not bode too well for your fortune. However, there are some home-based natural remedies like coconut oil, massage or citrus fruit which may just do the trick in reducing those unwanted lines.

Alternatively, opt for next generation Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins approved in more than 30 countries to improve the appearance of your forehead by reducing the vertical creases or frown lines but still looking au natural.


Forehead Skincare

If breakouts across the forehead tend to be a pain point of yours, we might be in the same boat. Breakouts around this region are generally associated with your body having a hard time breaking down certain foods or a lack of sleep. Yes, it’s time to put down those fizzy drinks and hydrate more often, find a hobby to keep that stress in check and get your sleeping schedule on more regular hours.


Head Away Those Wrinkles

In addition to the next generation Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins, hyaluronic acid fillers are readily available to smoothen those stubborn wrinkles. They are also able to help restore lost facial volume and rehydrate your skin.


Famous Celebrities Who Have Done Work On Their Foreheads

With celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Brooke Shields known for undergoing minimally-invasive treatments, widespread acceptance for such aesthetic treatments are the norm.

Having wrinkles means a gradual loss of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin, contributing to wrinkle formation. One of the more popular treatments to reduce or eliminate glabellar frown lines includes using the next generation Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins. By relaxing facial muscles to soften negative expressions, you can reverse signs of aging too!


Work that forehead

For those who would like to minimise the amount of forehead you show, styling your hair can help greatly! Here are some hairstyles you can try: side knot bun, wavy side swept bangs (think Emma Stone), a bob and bangs a la Anna Wintour.


Those who want to maximise that forehead, you can try: side fringe, centre partings and ponytails. For those already blessed with the ideal forehead, it’s now time to embrace this feature and show off that forehead you are proud of.