Dear You, It’s Time You Bring Those Gleaming Eyes To Attention!

Dear You, It’s Time You Bring Those Gleaming Eyes To Attention!

We’re talking beyond your caffeine fixes and under-eye creams.

Let’s be real, we don’t take care of our eyes as much as we really should. While it takes your muscles some time to warm up, our eyes are constantly at the top of their game at any time. It’s only right we start giving some credit and attention to our eyes. Here’s our take on what you can do to highlight the windows to your soul!


Get the Eye Health Game on

We’re talking about the old-but-gold tips here like including vegetables and fruits in your diet. Nutrient-rich foods like fish, nuts, seeds high in omega-3, citrus fruits, carrots and even leafy vegetables are considered to help improve your eyesight.


Loosen Up The Tension

Clocking in those hours of sleep is more than just important. An adequate amount of rest is required to not onl recover moisture for your skin, it replenishes energy and brings back the glow in your eyes.

If you’re caught up in the hustle of life or find yourself subconsciously frowning or squinting often because of fatigue, there is a higher the tendency for crow’s feet to appear. To avoid these creases, the US-FDA approved Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins is the solution to looking #lesstiredmorefabulous! As your skin ages, repeated expressions cultivated through the years can also result in the development of glabellar frown lines. Pure Neurotoxins which acts on nerve endings in muscles prevent muscle fibres from contracting and can smooth out these dynamic lines. Now, you definitely don’t want to look older than you are.


Pay More Heed To Under-eye Care

Sleep deprivation can also lead to eye bags under your eyes and under-eye dark circles. The genetic factor and harsh environment may even play an aggravating role for your ageing skin. Seeking out options to hold back the years? We’ve got one for you.

If you are sporting sagging skin, book an appointment with your trusted beauty aestheticians to discover the wonders of non invasive and minimally-invasive treatments. HA Dermal fillers can be a great tool for you to smoothen out (unwanted) signs of ageing. They help in immediately replenishing lost volume in your skin whilst stimulating the production of your own natural collagen. We’re also talking about microfocused ultrasound skin lifting treatment with visualisation #mfuv that penetrates the skin. Yay to instantly brighter eyes and less droopy eyelids!


You don’t have to be shy about seeking help as part of your anti-ageing routine! Remember the mantra – Look good, feel good. So go be beautiful!