6 Reasons Your Lips Are Not Drawing the Attention They Should


6 Reasons Your Lips Are Not Drawing the Attention They Should

People are drawn to your lips when they first see you, besides your eyes.

If you don’t fancy the way your lips look or how they generally fit with your makeup look, here are 6 reasons why they are not drawing the attention that your lip deserves:


1. Flaky Lips Are Not Attractive!

Just as much as skin exfoliation is important, don’t forget your lips need exfoliation too! By removing the dead skin cells, your lips tend to become smoother and younger-looking. Supple lips provide a smooth canvas for your lipstick to be drawn on!

Alternatively, rejuvenate your lips with lip enhancement- treatments like hyaluronic acid fillers that integrate smoothly into your own skin tissues!


2. Your Eye Makeup is Stealing the Spotlight

Unless you’re putting on a glam beat, keep in mind to strike the ideal eyes-lips balance! A heavy eye makeup takes the attention away from your lips completely and vice versa. Ensure the right balance!


3. Disregarding the Power of Lip Liners

If thin lips are a concern but you’re still not convinced with the idea of lip liners, you may want to reconsider the effect lip liners can have on you. Equip yourself with the right shade of lip liners as your lipstick and you can be on your way to creating the illusion of having fuller lips!

To effectively achieve your personal idea of a perfect lip and improve the appearance of your lips, seek out lip enhancing injections using hyaluronic acid fillers to add shape, structure and volume.


4. Finding the Right Shade

Although it can sound as obvious as it gets, it is important to emphasise how swatching lipsticks is crucial in determining if it suits you. One of the quickest ways to transform your makeup looks is whipping out your lipstick, so don’t fret it!


5. Don’t Skip on Foundation!

Foundation? On your lips? Yes! Lipsticks come off too easily sometimes especially after meals or when you tend to lick your lips too often. Dab on some foundation to retain the colour longer throughout the day and to naturally imitate fuller lips.


6. You Forgot Your Lip Balm

If you’re not drinking enough water, you’re bound to have dry lips or skin. Always keep a handy-dandy lip balm with you!