• “Of all the people in the world, there’s only one who creates like me.”


    “Everyone has their own beauty, but confidence is the key.”

    “When I was young, I always did everything to please everyone. Even though they appreciated me, I still felt unloved. I only realised later that it was because I never did anything for myself,” Patinya, Thai fashion icon and Founder of Patinya, recalls. It was only along her aesthetics journey that Patinya discovered how to truly put herself first.

    “Before I joined the MASJ Squad two years ago, I took little care of myself until I met my personal aesthetics doctor who taught me about self-care.” For Patinya, embracing aesthetic treatments transformed more than her beauty routine,  “I am now a better me, with more confidence, more ME time to go out, and explore life my way.”

    With her new-found confidence, Patinya has even redefined her idea of beauty, “Being ‘Exclusively Me’ is about individualization. I don’t want beauty like others, I want to be beautiful as I am.”

    Today, this fashion mogul embraces a whole new attitude towards life: “Be bold. Be an explorer. Do whatever you’ve never done before, and go wherever you’ve never gone before. You only live once.”


    Patinya’s Ultimate Guide to Flawless Beauty

    Hitting the big 4-0 doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking and feeling the most beautiful. Listen to Thailand’s fashion icon, Patinya, and medical aesthetics expert Dr. Oil, to find out the secrets to achieving flawless beauty at any age.

    Tune in to find out whether aesthetic doctors undergo aesthetic treatments themselves, plus other interesting topics!

  • “Of all the people in the world, there’s only one who inspires like me.”


    “Beauty comes in every form. Everyone can be beautiful.”

    “My early years of modelling were hard because I would get picked based on my looks. One client would absolutely love me and another would comment on my weight. I developed a thick skin and learnt that what people think of you is just an opinion. It doesn’t affect my self-confidence unless I let it.” Today, Michelle Hon is one of Singapore’s most successful mom-trepreneurs, and a proud mother-of-three.

    “Being ‘Exclusively Me’ means that my dreams and aspirations are mine alone” says Michelle, with a dream to grow her business, MomBoss Academy, into the best mom-training platform in Asia, inspiring moms to start their own businesses in pursuit of happiness.

    Michelle is the quintessential “mom boss”; turning 40, celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary and even launching a new online program and restaurant all in a single year.

    Her secret to looking good all the time? “Look after yourself inside and out. Because investing in your own beauty is better than investing in shoes.” With the help of aesthetic treatments, Michelle has found more drive and confidence to chase her dreams, pursue her best self, and spend time with her loved ones.

    It’s about “women living their best life, without regrets!”

  • “Of all the people in the world, there’s only one who uplifts like me.”


    “Aesthetic treatments can change your attitude and confidence in such a positive way.”

    Having successfully built a charity platform to help struggling Filipinos, Bela Padilla’s dream is to continue “encouraging kindness. Kindness stems from love. In the world we live in, it takes so much to keep it going. But once it spreads, you really see and feel the change.”

    For this young actress and philanthropist, such goodness starts from within. “Everything starts with yourself. Your mindset, your face, your body. If you can take care of yourself, that says a lot about you as a person. Enhancing something good that you already have is a trait that people should have.” In the midst of her aesthetics journey, Bela has found the confidence she needs to help those in her community.

    This recently nominated ‘Seoul International Drama Awards’ Best Actress, also believes that being “Exclusively Me” means being “completely my own. Even though my eyes are not perfect, I don’t mind because I always see things in a positive light. No one will ever see what my eyes have! That’s why my eyes are my favourite feature.”

    “I’m proud of the fact that despite everything, I can still see the world as a beautiful place. I’m most proud of my disposition.”

  • “Of all the people in the world, there’s only one who thrives like me.”


    “If you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you have the confidence to accomplish anything.”

    “I had no clue where life would take me, no clue if I would reach all my goals,” at age 20, Tony Labrusca moved to the Philippines with only 300 dollars in his pocket. “After I ran out of money, I had to look for work and the only thing I could do right away were commercials.” Today, he has a flourishing acting career, multiple businesses of his own, and even supports his mother and sister.

    When talking about his aesthetics journey, Tony believes that “looking good is trying to be the best version of yourself at all times.” And as a male actor, aesthetic treatments are simply part of their regular maintenance routine, “as regular treatments keep us looking fresh and young.”

    In fact, Tony was very insecure about his skin growing up, “getting treatments for my skin helped me feel way more positive and confident. I think having a quirk or imperfection, taking it and making it something you love about yourself will in turn be something people will love about you. My smile isn’t perfect, but it’s mine and no one else’s. That’s why this feature makes me ‘Exclusively Me’.”

  • “Of all the people in the world, there’s only one who challenges like me.”


    “Exclusively Me means embracing who you really are, even if it challenges social norms.”

    It’s rare for actresses to perform their own stunts in movies, yet nothing stops this inspiring Indonesian actress from rocking it on set, becoming a fitness influencer, and specialising in martial arts. And guess who her role model is? “Wonder Woman, because she is beautiful and brave.”

    Ismi’s take on beauty is that it “comes from the kind of person you are, the choices you make and how you treat people.” With a dream to open a skin care clinic and workout studio, she aims to teach people about skin care, fitness, and “to embrace who they really are” .

    Being in the entertainment industry, “I feel so insecure about skin aging because it will affect how I look in movies. I want to share that aesthetic treatments have benefited my skin and life. They have helped me find confidence and I can really feel my skin quality improve.”

    Since Ismi has made aesthetic treatments a vital part of her lifestyle, she has discovered that “my beauty feels much better as I get older, I now know that treatments help me stay young and healthy.”

    If you want to be “Exclusively Me”, “just be yourself”. We couldn’t have said it better!

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