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  • Get a Tighter, Smoother Neck

    Find out how micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation can help you achieve an elegant neckline.

    By day, she works hard, busy being a finance professional. By night, Lily’s priority turns towards taking care of her family. In a bid to give her two children a better life, she is always putting their needs ahead of her own. Still, she sieves out some time amid her busy schedule, pampering herself with aesthetic treatments. “ For me, aesthetic treatments are a form of self-care and reward.”

    After hitting her early 40s, Lily started noticing loose skin and the appearance of horizontal neck lines. “The neck was often neglected during my skincare routine, and it was also the first place to show signs of ageing. I wanted to have tighter skin and less visible wrinkles on my neck.”

    The Treatment

    Lily’s doctor curated a personalised treatment plan using micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation (MFU-V) for her under chin and neck area—which would help boost natural collagen production gradually—resulting in a more lifted and youthful neck.

    Getting treated with MFU-V on my neck
    Getting treated with MFU-V on my neck

    Her treatment went smoothly and Lily loved how her doctor guided her through each step of the process. “It was my first time and I enjoyed the entire treatment as it wasn’t as painful as I imagined. This treatment is non-invasive and I felt comfortable knowing my doctor can adjust the delivery of ultrasound energy at precise depths in my skin depending on the area being treated, in real-time. This helps to ensure that treatment energy is delivered to target tissues for optimal results, while avoiding structures such as bone and blood vessels for enhanced safety and comfort. Everyone’s skin is different, so I felt like I was getting a personalised treatment.”

    The Result

    Results started to show after six to eight weeks. “Overall, I noticed that the skin on my neck was lifted, feeling firmer and smoother, with visible reduction in fine lines. I’m definitely more confident and happy. What’s not to like?”

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