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MASJ – Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey™

Merz Aesthetics Serendipity Journey™ is the realisation that you can be as beautiful as
you feel on the inside and out. It is a journey of delightful discoveries to find the features you love the
most about yourself and the feeling of being empowered to pursue the best version of yourself by
enhancing it in balance with the rest of your features through aesthetic treatments and
embracing self-confidence and self-happiness thereafter.


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11 women. 11 countries. 11 inspiring real stories.

Uncover the inspiring stories of 11 women across Asia Pacific that have embarked on a journey of
self-discovery to be the best version of themselves. Get inspired by stories of struggle, triumph
and their personal quests of embracing their individuality without conforming to
society’s standards of perfection of beauty.

Meet the women who defied the odds, and defined beauty on their own terms.

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What’s the favourite feature that you adore the most? We hit the streets to find out the public’s sentiments with a street survey run with 960 respondents across men and women in Asia Pacific.

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Aesthetic Treatments
Benefits Of Pure Botulinum Toxin With Zero Complexing Proteins

Pure Botulinum Toxin with Zero Complexing Proteins is a minimally invasive aesthetic treatment that can help you reduce dynamic wrinkles found between your eyebrows.

Dear You
Dear You, Are You Getting The Counterfeit Or The Real Thing? Real Matters.

The success and rising popularity of the ultrasound lift treatment have resulted in knockoffs that are putting those, who are unsuspecting, at risk of unverified promises.

Lifestyle Tips
Living Out Loud In Style

Be bold and confident. Dress and define yourself with a unique style that brings out your best features.