6 Ways to Get You Going For The New Year

These tips will make you feel tired no more!

We’re one foot into the year and your new year resolutions are starting to look distant and bothersome. It’s a dreary feeling that creeps from within and you’re externally drained. Before you allow yourselves to be further infected by the negative energy, here are 6 ways to keep your mind and body refreshed!


Sip, sip, hooray

Grab a fresh ginger bulb and cut off a few slices. Add mineral water and let it sit overnight. With lots of ice cubes, transform the mix into a magic potion to give you a fresh sip of cold ginger drink.


Soak in steam baths

Moisture is not only good for your skin, but also for your mucous membranes. Hence, steam and inhalation baths are real blessings for the body and soul, and you don’t want to miss out on this! Simply add a few drops of exotic-scented essential oils (e.g. jasmine or coconut) to a bowl of hot steaming water. An exotic fragrance may inspire your senses and your skin also gets an express recovery from the dose of moisture!


Get it going

Exercising gets the heart rate up and the blood flowing which raises your energy levels. With moderate action from exercises like jogging, pilates or even a light workout at home, you can get your heartbeat pumping. The blood flow is then accelerated so that mind and body are supplied with more nutrients and oxygen to make you feel more energetic!


Take a stance

Whoever puts his body in a proud, upright posture not only looks powerful, but also feels fitter. The reason is simple: Fine nerve pathways of the spinal cord are connected to our brains and depending on the degree of uprightness, it conveys appropriate impulses to the activity centre in the brain.


Facial refreshment

Mix aloe vera juice and water (1:1) in a small spray bottle and add a small dash of coconut oil. Now shake the whole thing well and spray this cool mix on your face and décolleté whenever you feel tired. The wet mist not only has a cooling and invigorating effect, but also leaves a delicate shimmer on the skin that makes even the most tired complexion look dewy.


Soak up the sun

Use every free minute to enjoy the morning sun. Not only does it do you good, it also cheers you up! Sunlight provides certain hormonal activities in the body that make us more vital and happy. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to sun care to prevent lasting UV damage.


Dance yourself awake

The most reliable weapon against fatigue can come from the speakers. Turn up your music extra loud if you feel tired and you could even dance to your favorite hit. Pump up the volume of the music in the office, on the train or anywhere else you could afford to: Put the headphones on and perk yourself up!

6 Tips To Recharge For The New Year

 Before we flip the calendar to a fresh new year, sit back and wind down to recharge your mind and body!

The gloomy weather, holiday stress and the turn of the year struggles – the year end season can turn out to be really challenging. For that, we bring you 6 valuable tips for your body and mind to recoup and be ready for the New Year. Ultimately, always do what is good for you and things that inspire you!


Try something new!

Have you always wanted to try something out of the ordinary for a long time? The upcoming new year is the best time for it!  Have been sitting on your plans of learning scuba diving for years? Time to turn that into a reality. Or else, learn the art of burlesque! No matter what you try, every new experience gives you untapped strength and confidence.


Get creative!

Let your ideas sparkle and make something out of it! This works best with a painting or pottery course. A goldsmith course, in which you can make your own piece of jewellery, can also clear your head. A pleasant side effect? That  new piece of jewellery can remind you to treat yourself more often. 



Life also becomes mundane when there are no new experiences. Visit an art exhibition, a play or take some time for a short getaway to an unknown city. The new gift shop around the corner could well be your next subject of exploration — it’s only about time!



Admittedly, this tip is not very original, but it is particularly effective. Hence, it can’t be missed. Relax with a day off in the comforts of your own four walls. The best tools to pair it with are: a relaxing music playlist, scented candles and a nourishing bubble bath.


Go out!

Nothing helps you to think clearly again better than a few hours out in fresh air. A long walk, a hike or a bike tour often work wonders. Make full use of these calm moments by taking a break on the way and drinking a cup of hot chocolate! 



Isn’t life too beautiful not to indulge in all the pleasant things? Then it’s only right you treat yourself to something luxurious. An extensive spa treatment with a chocolate massage or an exquisite five-course menu can help to awaken your senses!

5 Benefits You’ll Reap When You Rotate Your Workout Regimes

It’s time to switch it up!

Ever feel bored after sticking to a workout routine for a few months? Or noticed that your fitness has plateaued? If that answer is a maybe or a yes, here are 5 benefits when you change up your workout routine.

1. Keep your brain active

Studies have shown that exercising helps with memory and thinking. It also aids to improve your mood, sleep and reduces stress and anxiety. By switching up your workout routines, it will challenge your brain to master new exercises and work out your brain at the same time!


2. Workout different muscle groups

Take this chance to work on different muscles in comparison to your previous workout. There could be body parts that you might not have covered or missed out in your previous workout routine. Now is the time to start focusing on it! 


3. Prevent old injuries from recurring

By switching up your workout routine, you give your tired or injured muscles a chance to rest.  While it is ok to push towards your fitness goals, putting additional strain on injured muscles will deepen the injury and impair the recovery process.


4. Start burning more calories

When you first start out with a new sport/exercise, your body strives to master it but it will eventually reach a plateau. Changing up your exercises that are new and unfamiliar to your body can help it to work harder, adapt and grow  hence burning more calories.


5. Feel that fitness spark

When attempting something new, you will definitely feel that excitement of embarking on a new journey. Rediscover your passion for fitness with a new workout routine and new possibilities!


What about parts that can’t be toned through exercises?

If you find that the skin under your chin  is losing elasticity and that no amount of neck or jaw exercises is keeping it firm, opt for U.S. FDA-cleared micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation (#mfuv) treatments to lift saggy skin in this area. It stimulates the production of new collagen to lift and tighten skin naturally and without any downtime. For a slimmer face and contoured  jawline, consider combining micro-focused ultrasound with visualisation treatments with dermal fillers to restore support and definition. Remember to speak to a trusted medical professional to achieve the results you desire!

7 Good Lifestyle Habits That Can Change Your Life

Here are small tips that can bring about big changes.


Invest in a Skincare Routine 

This is a lifestyle habit that everyone should get behind immediately. It is inescapable that as we age, our skin’s elasticity starts to deteriorate. Applying something as quick and simple as a moisturiser can go a long way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving our skin that youthful glow it deserves.

 If you’re looking for something more immediate to smooth your fine lines, there are readily available options out there through aesthetics treatments. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be your go-to option to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and folds such as nasolabial folds or tear troughs. When choosing a filler, it is important to find one with patented CPM technology, so that it blends well with your skin for natural and beautiful results. 


Why Less Makeup is More 

Putting on so much makeup every single day might do more bad than good for our skin. Show the best of you and let your skin breathe by easing up on the make up every once in a while.

But if you still crave for that defined jawline, there are other less time-consuming methods you can use to achieve besides bronzing and contouring. Seek out dermal fillers to lift saggy jowls and contour your jawline and you won’t need to spend hours with your contour palette any more.


Clock in the Hours of Exercise 

Physiologically, it boosts your immune system, tones your muscles, and keeps your stamina and energy levels up. Psychologically, exercising also helps to relieve stress and clear the mind after a long day. Now, this is one healthy habit your body can thank you for. 


An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctors Away

A fit body and healthy skin can only be achieved when you feed your body the right nutrients it deserves. Don’t get us wrong – you don’t have to be eating greens all day. There are a myriad of healthy food options out there and a healthy diet is a beauty regime in itself.


Get the Sleep You Deserve

Sleep deprivation can lead to a rise in cortisol levels, which in turn interferes with collagen production. Preliminary research also suggests that human growth hormone, which is released mainly during sleep,  has anti-aging effects on the skin – so don’t skimp on the number of hours of sleep!

But if no amount of sleep is keeping away those stubborn wrinkles and lines around your eyes, you can try out the next generation Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins. These injectables work to prevent muscle fibres from contracting and eliminate dynamic wrinkles around your eyes. Consult your trusted medical professional today for a more customised solution.


Treat Yourself

Doing something as simple as getting that bag you’ve been eyeing or meeting your friends out for dinner can do so much to keep you mentally sane. Show yourself the love you deserve!


Putting Things into Perspective

Essentially, your mindset influences your emotions and the way you behave. So a healthy mind can only result in a positive outlook in life. Here’s to a more positive and flourishing version of ourselves!

You Are What You Eat: Here’s Why Your Nutritional Diet Defines Your Beauty

Optimise your diet to nourish your beauty from within.


Skincare consumers are always on the lookout for the best products to give them the glowing skin they’ve been dreaming of. Here’s why it is time you recognise the direct link between beauty and food.


Beauty From The Inside Out

From phrases like “if your body is dehydrated, your skin will be too” to “getting enough sleep” and “you are what you eat”, they all direct you to a singular point – your face is a mirror of your inner health! Instead of masking the problems that arise due to your bad dietary habits, make a switch and up the ante on a planned healthy diet regime! From Vitamins A to E and antioxidant-rich foods, there are tremendous superfoods out there that aid in skin hydration, reduce pigmentation and even improve skin elasticity. Acai berries, avocados, goji berries and chia seeds are just some superfoods that you need to incorporate into your diet, pronto!


Beauty From the Outside In

Genetic factors which impact our skin type and behaviours are hereditary and mostly beyond our control – but there are ways to curb the negative effects it may bring to you. Dermal fillers can now assist to reverse the signs of ageing by restoring your skin’s hydration. This aids with your skin looking rejuvenated and radiant always! who’s up for it?


Your solution to supple and smooth skin may not always come in the form of a serum or an essence. You now know how superfoods and a healthy diet can do more than just improve your health. Eating well is an essential  “beauty regime” that your body will appreciate in time to come.

5 HIIT Workouts To Power Your Immune System

Working out can bring a lot of health benefits with some desired results such as youthful skin, a stronger immune system and more energy! Stay, look and feel young with some added daily exercise while fighting away any sniffles or coughs.

Watch as you grow fitter, healthier and stronger with these 5 intense HIIT workouts guaranteed to get your heart pumping and your body, skin and immune system in tip-top condition!


1.     The Beginner Workout

Every journey begins with a single step, but we know that the first step is never easy. Fret not because here’s a simple HIIT workout to get you on the track to a fitter and healthier body!. Repeat this workout 2 – 3 times a week and persist for a month to see an improvement in your cardiorespiratory health.


​Complete the following circuit four times, resting 1 minute after the last exercise in each round.

1. Pull-ups/push-ups – As many as possible in 60 seconds.
2. Jumping Jacks – As many as possible in 60 seconds.
3. Burpees – As many as possible in 60 seconds.
4. Crunches – As many as possible in 60 seconds.


(Article by Women’s Health Magazine, Fire Up Your Metabolism with These 4-Minute Workouts)


2. The Intermediate Workout

Taking a leaf out of Women’s Health workout suggestion, check out our new modified workout to improve your cardiovascular fitness and boost muscular endurance. Repeat this workout 2 – 3 times a week for a month to see an improvement in your overall fitness level and a toned fitter body.


​Complete the following circuit five times, resting 1 minute after the last exercise in each round.

1. Squats – As much as possible in 60 seconds.
2. Push-ups – As many as possible in 60 seconds.
3. Mountain Climbers – As many as possible in 30 seconds for each leg, 60 seconds in total.
4. Lunges – As many as possible in 60 seconds.
5. Jumping Jacks – As many as possible in 60 seconds.

3. The Advanced Workout

If you jumped straight to the advanced workout,  you are probably  following a few “fitness inspirational” models on Instagram and have your favourite active wear/ workout gear ready  in a gym bag. While you think this workout might be a walk in the park for you, it doesn’t hurt to always try new workouts to see how you feel. Repeat this workout 3 – 4 times a week to get that chiseled body ready for bikini season!


​Complete the following circuit four times, resting 1 minute after the last exercise in each round.

1. Sit-ups – 40 reps in 60 seconds.
2. Bear crawl – 40 reps in 60 seconds.
3. Long jump – 40 reps in 60 seconds.
4. High knee jogs – As fast as possible in 60 seconds.
5. Mountain climbers – As many as possible in 60 seconds.


4. Core Workout

A strong core protects the body by helping to stabilise it when in motion or during physical exertion. This in turn prevents issues like poor posture, lower back pain and injuries. Also, another benefit of having a strong core are cosmetic effects like having popping abs! Repeat this work 2 – 4 times a week to see results!


Complete the following circuit four times, resting 1 minute after the last exercise in each round.

1. Crunches – As many as possible in 60 seconds.
2. Bicycle Crunches As many as possible in 60 seconds.
3. Sit Ups – As many as possible in 60 seconds.
4. Butterfly kicks – As many as possible in 60 seconds.
5. Burpees – As many as possible in 60 seconds.

5. Upper Body Workout

If you always wanted to tone your upper body to achieve a fitter physique, here’s a workout for you! These exercises will target problem areas like underarm, back and near the shoulders to tone and sculpt for a body you can proud of. Repeat this workout 2 – 4 times a week to get in the zone!


Complete the following circuit four times, resting 1 minute after the last exercise in each round.

1. Push-ups – 40 reps or as many as possible in 60 seconds.
2. Sit-up – 40 reps or as many as possible in 60 seconds.
3. Plank – 40 reps or as many as possible in 60 seconds.
4. Pull-ups – 40 reps or as many as possible in 60 seconds.
5. Chair dips – 40 reps or as many as possible in 60 seconds.


Experience the post-workout bliss

While you crush those workouts, remember to keep those forms in mind to work the appropriate muscles. Getting the heart rate up is key to working your body to keep you fit and healthy and reduces the chances of falling sick. Regardless of the end result, self-care and putting in the effort to keep your body healthy should be a priority.

Speaking of self-care, there are also options to achieve the youthful glow and look that comes with exercise. Consider going for non and minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments like Micro-Focused Ultrasound with Visualisation or Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers which can help you lift and provide that “glo-up” you always wanted.

Living Out Loud In Style

Be bold and confident. Dress and define yourself with a unique style that brings out your best features. Get the filler treatment that you’ve been considering for the longest time but do not dare to– because you should. Slip into that alluring pair of high heels you bought but never found the right occasion to wear it – because why not?

You’re on top of the world. No matter how confident you may be feeling, there is a correlation between what we choose to wear and what we think of our potential. Follow these simple rules to start dressing up to new and exciting possibilities.

Discover What Works For You
Explore the excitement of denim styles that could work on you. Match it with different fabric types to find one that suits you best or pick out dresses that complement your
figure best. Rock it with confidence!

Define Your Style
Let your confidence show by being true to yourself and appreciating the unique qualities that make you stand out from the rest. Instead of conforming, dare to define your style and nail that signature look that is uniquely you. Make heads turn with your striking boldness and confidence.

Enhance Your Favourite Features
Since you have considered treatments to accentuate your lips, cheeks, eyes or cheekbones – why not enhance them further with a matching makeup look to play it up a notch. It’s time for flaunt the features you love best about yourself.

Embrace What Looks Best On You
Whether it’s loud or sexy – fall in love with the new style that matches your boldness and confidence. Notice the new and different aura about yourself – and others will too.

These 5 Signs Are Giving Away Your Age – What Are They?

Remember the last time you asked someone to guess your age – did they get it right? Your age should be your youthful secret to keep. So, don’t let your skin spoil the big surprise and dampen your confidence. Sagging skin, deep folds, lines and wrinkles are the telltale signs of how old you are. Do you know which of these wrinkles are giving away your age?

Signs of ageing start as early as in your twenties, meaning that you will begin to look less rejuvenated and more tired as time goes by. With the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, your face may not look as uplifted as before. The good news is, it is never too late to combat signs of ageing.

Smile Lines
Smile Lines can be seen along the nasolabial folds on your face. These smile lines can make you look aged and less youthful.

Marionette Lines
Marionette Lines are creases that start to form below the corners of your mouth. They create an unflattering appearance that makes you look older.

Jowls appear when there is noticeable sagging of the skin along the jawline area, making your jawline look less defined. A droopy jawline can give your age away.

Midface Volume Loss
Loss of soft tissue volume and skeletal support in the cheek is one of the first signs of aging. This also leads to profound changes in other regions such as the nasolabial folds and tear troughs, making you look tired, sad and older.

Mental Crease
Mental Creases are embarrassing fine lines that appear across your chin as you get older. They can distract others from your beautiful smile and make you look older.

Start managing these visible signs of ageing skin today by making a positive change to your nutrition, fitness and skincare routine – or consider minimally invasive aesthetic treatments most comfortable to your needs.

Take control and own your bold and confident beauty. Restore your youth and choose a lifting filler for immediate and long-lasting results1. Looking youthful and radiant is not just about filling up lines and wrinkles. Ask for a filler that does not just lift and define – it should also work under the skin to trigger and intensify natural collagen and elastin production2, restoring your youthfulness and confidence over time. Put your best face forward with supple and youthful skin.


1. Yutskovskaya Y, et al. J Cosmet Dermatol. 2014 Sep; 13(9):1047-52
2. Moers-Carpi M, et al. Dermatol Surg 2007 Dec; 33 Suppl 2: S144-51

Are You Ready To Make Decisions With Conviction?

Learning how to make the right choice isn’t easy – the thought of it can be intimidating to many. To overcome it, we have to trust our intuition and believe in our ability to make decisions for ourselves. So, breathe and apply these simple rules the next time you have a decision to make, and you’ll be just fine.

Think About Your Choice With A Clear Mind
If you’re feeling stressed, tired, hungry or angry – you’re not going to make a very informed decision. Whether it’s deciding on your next aesthetics treatment or your new hair color – dedicate a quiet time in the morning or when you’re winding down at night to lay out the choices in front of you when nothing else can distract you.

Weigh Your Options Carefully And Choose One
Be patient and take the time to carefully review your options but don’t put off being decisive because it gets you nowhere. With a clear mind, single out the purest choice that is best for you and go for it. It’s time to stop second-guessing yourself and learn from your experiences.

Get The Right Advice But Make It On Your Own
Talk to your trusted circle of friends and family when it comes to making challenging or important decisions – but know that only you can make the right choice for yourself. After all, what’s best for them might not be tailored to your unique needs and expectations.

There, You’ve Done It – But It’s Not The End Of The World
Good, you’ve decided! Know that no one makes the perfect decision the first time. Every choice you make is a teachable moment that can only help you make better decisions later on. Embrace it and figure out a new approach as you go.