Learn Great Eye-Makeup Skills from These 6 Makeup Gurus on YouTube

From makeup techniques to purchasing the right products – these beauty gurus got your back.


1. PONY (YouTube: PONY Syndrome)


(Image: Instagram)

Her fresh looks are just the tip of the iceberg. PONY’s fearless makeup transformations and trendy looks never fail to impress. Her flawless makeup application skills which she selflessly shares put you in awe. Plus, get ready to be blown away by her Kylie Jenner Makeup transformation and many other dramatic makeovers!


2. Jenn Im (YouTube: Jenn Im)

(Photo: Instagram)

A true sweetheart with millions of following across her social media platforms, Jenn is not afraid to share her honest opinions on social issues or even products which actually really work for her. From look-books to travel vlogs and of course makeup looks anyone can replicate, you wouldn’t regret hitting that ‘Subscribe’ button!


3. Tina Yong (YouTube: Tina Yong)

(Photo: Instagram)

Calling out to all makeup junkies! If you haven’t already subscribed to her, it’s about time you do. With her almost encyclopedic knowledge of makeup, Tina’s viewers are in for a ride of their lives as she tries out the wackiest makeup hacks and trends. Not to forget, this makeup artist has collaborated with brands like Sephora, L’Oreal Paris and Lancome to bring stunning glam beat looks!


4. Karen Yeung (YouTube: IAMKARENO)


(Photo: Instagram)

A one-stop shop for all beauty and fashion lovers, you’ll be in for a treat when you tune in to Karen’s videos. Being passionate as a content creator, Karen strives to bring her subscribers skincare and beauty regimes she lives by and fresh makeup looks where all newbies and experts can try them out!


5. Jessica Vu (YouTube: Jessica Vu)

(Photo: Instagram)

A young but talented individual, her obsession with makeup has evolved her interest into her career! Jessica is an avid makeup enthusiast who shares an extensive range of looks from glam beats to everyday school looks anyone can relate to.

Jessica also recounted seeking lip enhancements on her Youtube channel. Under the care of certified doctors, she has managed to achieve a natural outcome. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect lip, then it’s time to explore dermal fillers! Expect a natural-looking treatment result as the product synergises with the natural structures of your skin.


6. Bretman Rock (YouTube: Bretman Rock)

(Photo: Instagram)

You’ll be in for a ride of laughter and a whole lot of entertainment with sassy Bretman. Influenced mostly by his Filipino roots and Hawaiian culture as he grew up, his highlighter palette with ColourPop becomes an accurate representation of how he empowers diversity and inclusion for all girls (or boys) to feel beautiful. Bretman truly exemplifies self-empowerment through his inner beauty and quirky wit. Exploring self-awareness and makeup together, Bretman is not afraid to share which products actually don’t work!


Makeup can be fun! It allows you to express yourself from fresh, natural look to full-on glam with false eyelashes and bold colors. However, as we age, we may need additional help from minimally invasive treatment like pure neurotoxin with zero complexing proteins and dermal fillers to bring out the brightness of your eyes.

Forehead 101: Get a heads up with new knowledge on the mighty forehead!

Ever wonder how your forehead might determine your everyday luck? Or curious to understand how your forehead might impact your life? We answer all your questions from beauty treatments to fashion tips. Here are 5 things you may or may not know about our mighty foreheads!


Fore…Tell Your Future/Personality

Sit back and relax because we’ve scanned through many ancient texts to compile how the size of your forehead affects your future. For the Chinese, having a high and well-defined forehead generally is an indication of luck, wealth and good fortune. For the rest of us who don’t subscribe to that belief, we bring you a different interpretation.
For someone with a vertical single crease between your eyebrows, this signifies that one is persistent with determination which many admire due to their never-say-die attitude. There’s more, but we’ll skip that for you to find out!

As for multiple forehead lines, this may not bode too well for your fortune. However, there are some home-based natural remedies like coconut oil, massage or citrus fruit which may just do the trick in reducing those unwanted lines.

Alternatively, opt for next generation Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins approved in more than 30 countries to improve the appearance of your forehead by reducing the vertical creases or frown lines but still looking au natural.


Forehead Skincare

If breakouts across the forehead tend to be a pain point of yours, we might be in the same boat. Breakouts around this region are generally associated with your body having a hard time breaking down certain foods or a lack of sleep. Yes, it’s time to put down those fizzy drinks and hydrate more often, find a hobby to keep that stress in check and get your sleeping schedule on more regular hours.


Head Away Those Wrinkles

In addition to the next generation Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins, hyaluronic acid fillers are readily available to smoothen those stubborn wrinkles. They are also able to help restore lost facial volume and rehydrate your skin.


Famous Celebrities Who Have Done Work On Their Foreheads

With celebrities like Nicole Kidman and Brooke Shields known for undergoing minimally-invasive treatments, widespread acceptance for such aesthetic treatments are the norm.

Having wrinkles means a gradual loss of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin, contributing to wrinkle formation. One of the more popular treatments to reduce or eliminate glabellar frown lines includes using the next generation Pure Neurotoxin with Zero Complexing Proteins. By relaxing facial muscles to soften negative expressions, you can reverse signs of aging too!


Work that forehead

For those who would like to minimise the amount of forehead you show, styling your hair can help greatly! Here are some hairstyles you can try: side knot bun, wavy side swept bangs (think Emma Stone), a bob and bangs a la Anna Wintour.


Those who want to maximise that forehead, you can try: side fringe, centre partings and ponytails. For those already blessed with the ideal forehead, it’s now time to embrace this feature and show off that forehead you are proud of.

4 Asian Celebrities with the Dream Jawline

Chin up! Let’s marvel at some of the most sought-after jawlines of Asian celebrities.


 1. Fan Bing Bing

From her wide-set eyes to her thin lips and her prominent “V-shaped” jaw, her facial features are almost idyllic to many women. Fan Bing Bing’s face is known to be a good mix of delicate Asian features, hence it is not surprising that her ardent fans are lining up for cosmetic enhancements just to look like their beloved idol. But that doesn’t mean having to go under the knife! Achieving a defined V-shaped jawline is now possible thanks to the availability of non-invasive FDA-cleared  skin lifting micro-focused ultrasound treatment with visualisation to lift and tighten the skin naturally—without surgery or downtime.


 2. Park Bo Gum

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcLYKSojkEj/?hl=en&taken-by=parkbogumactor

A smart, chiselled jawline coupled with a charming boy-next-door persona, Park Bo Gum is a Korean heartthrob we can’t miss out from this list. Known for his talent in morphing microexpressions, his jawline shows in all its fine glory. In a study done by Steven Gangestad, a professor of Psychology in New Mexico,  it was mentioned that fertile women prefer men with masculine traits (defined by a prominent chin and hooded eyes). Not all may agree, but a sharp jawline on a man can be undeniably attractive!


 3. Shay Mitchell

This half-Filipino actress is well known for her flawless skin, but her knife-like jawline is one to be adored as well. With a long and defined chin, her full jawline complements the rest of her face with a nice mixture of prominent features and toned body. Mitchell however, used to starve herself to be able to fit into size 0 jeans. What’s her secret? A solid workout regime, she says. Alternatively, consider non-invasive micro-focused ultrasound skin-lifting treatment with visualisation to achieve a more defined jawline.


4. Manny Jacinto

His name may sound unfamiliar to many, but the rising star has gained a huge following since his debut as Jason Mendoza in “The Good Place”. Of Filipino descent, he grew up in Canada and never intended to pursue acting but has now emerged as a stunning actor. With a well-built body and slightly tanned skin, his striking features like his gorgeous chin and jawline becomes more distinctive.


Are you dreaming for that chiselled jawline like these featured celebrities? Then perhaps it’s time to consider non-invasive micro-focused ultrasound skin lifting treatments with visualisation that can help to enhance your favourite features!

What Kind Of Lips Do You Have?

Pouty lips, thin lips or heart-shaped lips, embrace them all with a lip-puckering smile!

Sensual. Luscious. Attractive. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have those terms used to describe your highly desirable pouts? While lip care should be an essential part of our skincare routine, having the perfect lip shape to your liking could be the key to your self-confidence! Don’t have the au naturale lips that you desire? Or unsure what kind of lips suit you the most? You might want to consider minimally-invasive treatments like hyaluronic acid lip fillers to see how that works out on you. In the recent years, lip augmentation and enlargements are one of the most sought after minimally-invasive aesthetic medical procedures, although it may only be a temporary fix. Even Kylie Jenner’s not denying she had hers plumped up to achieve that gorgeous pout!

Here’s the lowdown on the kind of lip shape desired by women all over the globe.

Oh-So-Pouty Lips

An evergreen rave and highly desired by women across the globe, full, plump and pouty lips often has the embodiment of sex appeal, attached to it. Full lips are defined by thick upper and lower lips, leaving very little left to the imagination. While they aren’t always symmetrical, thick lips are said to be one of the most requested minimally-invasive procedures in aesthetic clinics.


Thin Lips

Thin lips are easily distinguishable (although barely conspicuous enough) from the other lip types due to the thin upper and lower lip characteristic. If you’re looking to make them appear bigger, a lip liner does the trick pretty well. Alternatively, opt for FDA-approved hyaluronic acid fillers to plump it to your desired sizes whilst achieving a more natural look!


Cupid’s Bow (or Pointed Upper Lip)

If you’ve got a prominent Cupid’s Bow (the area in the middle of your upper lips) and a relatively thick lower lip, you’re having lips akin to American songstress Taylor Swift. And that’s still equally sensual on another level. Loving this lip shape? Dermal fillers are alternatives to surgical procedures if you’d like to add definition or correct the developing wrinkles along your lip lines.


Wide Lips

This is often characterised with the accompaniment of a wide smile. The thickness of one’s lips however may vary for women with wide lips! Hollywood actresses like Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts might give you a better visualisation.




6 Killer Hacks to Enhance Your Eyes

Discover the holy grails to look fly all day with these eye-enhancing tips!


They don’t call your eyes the window to your soul for nothing. They are a testament of your well-being and showcase your vigour and personality at first impression. For many of us, it’s a make or break! Radiant and youthful eyes shouldn’t be a difficult feature to achieve, and here’s how you can play up to the perfect eye game.

P.S. Care should go beyond just the eye areas!


  1.  Give Your Eyes a Break

Just like how our body needs rest to rejuvenate, our eyes need all the TLC to recharge and bring the “A-Game” into looking fresh-faced and radiant! Besides, who doesn’t love plenty of sleep? If you’re seeking that selfie-ready face all the time, don’t compromise on your well-deserved beauty sleep. In a study by National Sleep Foundation 2015, the recommended sleeping hours for adults between the ages of 26 and 64 are 7-9 hours per day.


  1. Up Your Brow Game

Ladies, it’s time to up the ante on your brow game! Get your brows on fleek with these brow tips that will accentuate your beautiful eyes. If you’re looking to enhance the shape of your eyes, know that eyebrows frame the eyes – so having the correct brow arch does wonders in making that difference to your eyes.

If you’re not sure on the best eyebrow pencils or powder in the market, get them professionally shaped at a brow parlour. Leave it to the professionals to assess your facial structure and recommend the best brow, tint and arch shape that complements your other facial features. Alternatively, elevate your brow lines the non-invasive way with US FDA-cleared micro-focused ultrasound treatment that doesn’t involve needle and surgery. Opt for treatments with visualisation technology as this allows aesthetic professionals to see the layers of tissue they are treating, ensuring the treatment energy is precisely delivered to where it will be most beneficial.


  1. Pay Attention to Under Eye Care

Skin under the eyes are delicate areas. As they are much thinner as compared to other parts of the face, it is harder to retain moisture and it naturally becomes more susceptible to getting dried out. When that happens, it becomes almost irreversible – or at least harder to get them back to its original state. What’s the trick in alleviating this problem? Choose under-eye care products that contain moisturising agents like shea butter, hyaluronic acid, retinol, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Vitamin C serums are also great additions to your skincare regime as they double up to help stimulate collagen production and regeneration.


  1. Treat Areas Around the Eyes

As we age, women may also face issues of reduced skin elasticity and moisture levels, depleting skin collagen levels and increasing frown lines. For areas around the eyes that are prone to developing creases, one may consider using pure neurotoxins with zero complexing proteins for glabellar frown lines which may cause our eyes to appear dull and tired. With botulinum toxin injection, your skincare regime just gets easier!


  1. Opt for Minimally-Invasive Treatments

Age fades beauty, especially around our eye areas as they may be more susceptible to having loose, sagging skin. Dermal fillers are alternatives to plump up or smoothen out the contours to give your eyes a youthful lift. Seek advice from your trusted aesthetic healthcare professionals for US FDA-approved dermal fillers. Apart from fillers, micro-focused ultrasound skin lifting treatments penetrate deep within target areas for instantly brighter eyes and less droopy eyelids! With long lasting non and minimally-invasive procedures to enhance your eyes, you’ve earned rights to finally say, #IWokeUpLikeThis!


  1. Bring on Your Fake Lashes

Lashes give an added depth to your eyes and a more three-dimensional feel to your facial structure. Blessed with naturally-long lashes? All that’s left to do is to curl them and put your best mascara on to keep them lasting all day long. Alternatively, stash away lashes in your makeup bag and use them to instantly brighten up your eyes and have them looking bigger and fresher!

All in all, enhancing your eyes can be achieved with a combination of the right skin care regimes, non-invasive or minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments married harmoniously with plenty of rest. If there’s one hack that we’d choose right now, we’d totally hit the sack first!

Get The Lift With Ultrasound-Based Treatment

Microfocused Ultrasound with Visualization (MFU-V) is a time-tested technology that is US FDA-cleared as the non-invasive alternative to surgical facelifts, which is a relief for those who do not want to go under the knife. The treatment features ultrasound energy that can be used to lift skin at precise depths and stimulate collagen production in those areas.

Without surgery, the ultrasound treatment uses the regenerative response in our bodies to gently and gradually lift skin on the eyebrow, under the chin and neck, and smoothen lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. This is how you can get the lift you desire without fearing the risks of plastic surgery.

Refresh The Appearance Of Your Eyes With A Lift
Enhance your eyebrows with a lift that brings a youthful look to your eyes without going under the knife.

Regain A Slimmer Profile Along Your Neck And Chin
Lift and tighten mild to moderate sagging skin on the neck and chin – otherwise known as the dreadful double chin with the wonder of ultrasound.

Rejuvenate Younger Looking Skin On Your Décolletage
Instead of surgery, go for the non-invasive alternative to treat noticeable signs of aging skin such as wrinkles and fine lines along your neck and chest. The precision of US FDA-cleared MFU-V treatment can also stimulate the production of new collagen within your skin for a firmer appearance.