Dear You, Have You Been Dreaming For A Confidently Alluring Smile?

Having a dazzling smile works wonders, we all know that. What many don’t know however, is how to maintain your youthful vigour and beautiful puckers. Singing HyunA’s hit song, “Lips & Hips” is not going to help much if you don’t put in the effort! Whether you’re going au naturale or considering minimally-invasive treatments to enhance your smile, you call the shots.


Here’s how you can achieve that jaw-dropping smile to lift your confidence off the hooks – and have you looking as seductive as Megan Fox, or as cute as Park Bo-Young!


  1. Think Happy Thoughts

Happy thoughts naturally lift the spirits. So when the time comes to bring out that Hollywood smile, think of something that makes you happy – like holding a cute puppy! As we age, the areas around our mouth become more susceptible to development of moderate-to-severe etched-in lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, this can dampen your radiant smile! Perhaps a minimally-invasive treatment could do the trick. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can help you to lift those corners, rehydrate skin and smoothen those wrinkles that’s appearing around the corners of your mouth. But that’s not all – it also restores the volume and softness of your lips while ensuring that it looks naturally full and smooth.


  1. Facial Muscle Exercises

Face feeling tired and worn out from staring at the computer all day? We feel you girl!  Stretching and working those facial muscles can help tone and relieve stress. Repeat as many times as needed!

  • Sit down and tilt your head backwards. Tightly pucker your lips and push them forward
  • Hold for 8-10 seconds and repeat for a toned lip area.


  1. Smoothen Out Those Laugh Lines

Laugh lines and marionette lines can be quite noticeable and when pointed out, sometimes result in awkward conversations. Why not take the offensive by getting rid of those pesky lines by trying out minimally-invasive treatments? Injectable wrinkle-fillers which can help to smoothen out those wrinkles and signs of age, are now readily available.

For years, injectable dermal fillers have been a hit-or-miss procedure in the beauty industry. If done badly, people were often left with the obvious look of having work done – and looking unnatural is never the end result that we want. Fortunately, there is an ideal option of adermal filler available in the market that gives off a natural look. That too, without compromising on your facial expressions when you smile. Apart from your laugh lines, this filler also smoothens your moderate-to-severe etched-in facial lines and wrinkles around your mouth including nasolabial folds, chin wrinkles and more. It doesn’t get any better!

Despite how your skin ages with time, hyaluronic acid fillers are known to retain and absorb water and this improves moisture levels greatly.


  1. Practice Smiling

Last but not least, the adage, practice makes perfect holds true. Practicing smiling every morning will give you that morning boost! But if your mouth corners are giving you the “Resting Bitch Face” look, it’s not the end of the road. Fillers for your face can make a difference. Opt for a wrinkle filler to augment and rejuvenate the areas around your mouth to regain that million-dollar smile!

With a great smile, all that’s left is to go forth and dazzle the world!

Dear You, Are You Getting The Counterfeit Or The Real Thing? Real Matters.

The success and rising popularity of the ultrasound lift treatment have resulted in knockoffs that are putting those, who are unsuspecting, at risk of unverified promises. Do not fall prey to knockoff ultrasound lift treatments and providers pretending to be the real deal.

Before going for your authentic ultrasound lift treatment, it is important to verify that you are receiving a genuine aesthetic treatment from a trained and certified provider because it matters. Knockoff treatments that are untested with potentially unsafe devices might do more harm than good.

Here’s How You Can Distinguish Between What Is Counterfeit And What Is Authentic

Find A Certified Provider
Don’t risk it. Look for the certified treatment provider online and ensure that you are able to see the certification of authenticity for the ultrasound lift treatment at your desired aesthetics clinic.

Look For The Authentic Seal
Don’t fall for a fake. Spot the distinguishable genuine seal found on the right bottom corner of authentic ultrasound lift treatment machines before you begin the treatment.

Watch For Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging
Don’t be fooled. Look for real-time visualization technology that moves as the device moves across your skin. Beware of counterfeit treatments that use a static image or ultrasound video on loop.

Why Does It Matter?
With many counterfeit treatments, energy is delivered at inconsistent levels and depths, putting patients like you at risk. Ultrasound energy delivered too intensely and too close to the surface of the skin can result in burns to the treated area. Conversely, energy delivered sporadically or at too low a level (or not at all) provides you with a less-than-desirable outcome – or no result at all! In contrast, the authentic treatment delivers just the precise amount of energy at exactly the right depth for a safe and effective result.

Dear You, Are You Ready To Make Decisions With Conviction?

Learning how to make the right choice isn’t easy – the thought of it can be intimidating to many. To overcome it, we have to trust our intuition and believe in our ability to make decisions for ourselves. So, breathe and apply these simple rules the next time you have a decision to make, and you’ll be just fine.

Think About Your Choice With A Clear Mind
If you’re feeling stressed, tired, hungry or angry – you’re not going to make a very informed decision. Whether it’s deciding on your next aesthetics treatment or your new hair color – dedicate a quiet time in the morning or when you’re winding down at night to lay out the choices in front of you when nothing else can distract you.

Weigh Your Options Carefully And Choose One
Be patient and take the time to carefully review your options but don’t put off being decisive because it gets you nowhere. With a clear mind, single out the purest choice that is best for you and go for it. It’s time to stop second-guessing yourself and learn from your experiences.

Get The Right Advice But Make It On Your Own
Talk to your trusted circle of friends and family when it comes to making challenging or important decisions – but know that only you can make the right choice for yourself. After all, what’s best for them might not be tailored to your unique needs and expectations.

There, You’ve Done It – But It’s Not The End Of The World
Good, you’ve decided! Know that no one makes the perfect decision the first time. Every choice you make is a teachable moment that can only help you make better decisions later on. Embrace it and figure out a new approach as you go.