• Beauty Brings Happiness: Merz Aesthetics Inspires Thai Women

Beauty Brings Happiness: Merz Aesthetics Inspires Thai Women

Self-confidence is an important factor in making a woman more beautiful.

Self-confidence is an important factor in making a woman more beautiful. Merz Aes-thetics encourages Thai women to have more confidence through the campaign enti-tled “The Serendipity Journey of Successful Women by Merz Aesthetics”, a joined-force project with Thailand’s top fashion designer, PATINYA, whose collection will redefine the meaning of beauty — the qualification that brings about happiness and success.

Kittiwan Rattanajan, Managing Director of Merz Aesthetics Thailand, said that the in-spiration of this campaign has come from the research findings which indicate that more than 70 percent of women in 11 countries in Asia Pacific still lack self-confidence. They don’t see themselves beautiful and are afraid of being judged by surrounded people. This is the reason the company wanted to create a campaign to promote women’s self-confidence as they believe that “beauty brings happiness, and happiness brings success.”

When asked about the collaboration with the leading fashion brand PATINYA, Kitti-wan said that she

chose the brand because of the same attitude. PATINYA values women’s self-confidence and beauty from within and impressively communicate these qualities through her outstanding fashion collections.

“When knowing about our concept, Khun Guitar (Patinya Giaokhong) agreed to take part in this project immediately. She wanted to inspire Thai women to be con-fident in their own beauty which will enable them to become a successful woman.”

The fashion concept initiated with PATINYA has come from the fact that a woman has to go through a difficult path before becoming successful and most of the time it means tears and sorrow. The brand wants to portray this experience through a fash-ion collection. As such, this collection features outfits in black-and-white tone as well as colorful items to reflect a woman’s life which has both good and bad days. As the collection is dedicated to successful women, the focus has shifted from luxury even-ing dresses to professional business look tinted with the feminine touch.

“At Merz Aesthetics, we always say ‘beauty brings happiness, and happiness brings success’ — meaning that you can glow only when you feel confident and the confi-dence will finally lead you to success in whatever you do or hope for, which could be different from others. This is the message we want to communicate — your success is not necessarily to be similar to someone else’s. You have to find yourself and know what success you want to achieve.”

Regarding medium-term marketing strategies, Merz Aesthetics Thailand planned to import more beauty innovations in the next couple of years while collabo-rating with physicians to educate customers about how to use beauty products safely. These strategies will be employed in parallel with the promotion of “The Serendipity Journey of Successful Women Presented by Merz Aesthetics” campaign to be run continuously for years with the hope of encouraging Thai women to be proud of themselves.

When asked about the 2019 beauty trend, Merz Aesthetics’ MD said that natural beauty will be one of the hottest trends next year, particularly the “beauty at each age range”. Opposite to the preceding permayouth craze, the current market surveys in-dicate that women want to look the best at their own age and this requires appropriate diet, regular exercise, as well as well grooming.

The growth of Merz Aesthetics Thailand this year is beyond the company’s target. As a newly established business, the company has been growing continuously and is proudly entering its 3rd year of operation. The company believes that it will grow further as Thailand’s beauty market is growing and its customer base is ex-panded to cover well-groomed men while regular customers still have demands for products in a long run.

“These days, people don’t be shy to admit if they did anything with their beau-ty. So, there are more players coming in and the market is becoming bigger. The slow growth of the overall economy doesn’t impact the beauty industry that much as income is distributed to minor players which is different from in the past that the mar-ket was dominated by a handful of major players. Plus, medical tourism trend is still on the rise — there are more tourists coming to Thailand, especially those from our neighboring countries.”

Sylvia Lee, Merz Aesthetics’ Regional Marketing Director APAC, revealed that the company’s marketing strategies will be in congruent with the social movement, par-ticularly in Asia Pacific. As a result, the company will emphasize on empowering women and promoting women’s confidence to help them find themselves. By know-ing what one wants, women will realize what they are capable of and can be happy with themselves.

Besides the campaign in Thailand, the company also organized activities in Hong Kong featuring successful women whose experience whether success, ob-structions, or struggles to overcome hardship, can inspire other women.

The purpose of this campaign is to encourage women to speak up. In Asian countries, women’s success is still being judged by a set of traditional values while  some existing culture is undermining women’s self-confidence. More often than not, women were made to choose between career and family and most of them ended up with abandoning their career.

“We would like to see women becoming successful in many ways. You can have a successful career while having a happy family  or love life. You should be able to help others and be the force that drives the society forward.”

“We would like to encourage all women to seek their own strengths. Many tend to compare themselves with others, mistaking the actresses or net idols’ beau-ty their beauty standard. In fact, the confidence in one’s own beauty is the most important thing that makes a woman look beautiful.”

The company also planned to launch a regional campaign after Hong Kong and Thai-land. Merz Aesthetics’ long-term plan is to expand to other countries to approach more people. In order to achieve this, the company has joined hands with successful women of different careers including makeup artist,

beauty blogger, travel blogger, fashion designer, businesswoman, investor and office ladies with self-confidence to share their experience and inspiration to other women.

Sylvia Lee said that the searching for ideal beauty has led to the judging of women’s beauty. Women are put in a frame and told what their beauty should be. As such, most beauty businesses compete to market the products that promise to fix women’s defects.

On the other hand, Merz Aesthetics wants to promote confidence from within. Women should know what their happiness is and be brave to show to the world that they love themselves the way they are. The company is working hard to promote this “imperfection beauty” concept among women.

“I’ve been impressed every time I came to Thailand and saw that Thailand’s economy is growing. I also witnessed new beauty trends and the emerging of minor players in the market. Thailand is one of the promising markets with the tendency to be on par with South Korea. Thai women also have distinctive strengths — they know what they want and do not hesitate to seek advice from experts. They’re also aware of the importance of grooming.”

On November 22, the company organized a spectacular fashion show featuring ‘PATINYA x Merz Aesthetics, The Serendipity Journey Collection’. The event was joined by Thailand’s celebrities and leading personalities from various professions.

This Spring-Summer collection was inspired by women’s path to success which is full of difficulties. The various feelings of women in both good and bad days were portrayed through 45 outfits meticulously designed to convey the new definition of beauty which meant to bring about happiness and inspiration, and resonates with the character of successful woman.

Thailand’s celebrity, Rossarin (Obe-Oom) Chumsai Na Ayudhya, shared her point of view about successful woman. She said that the word “success” has no defi-nition as each person’s success can be different. However, she thought that success can be varied depending on life stages. To her, it used to be a successful career but since she’s married now, her goal has been changed to having a happy family. She still loves her job but spends less time on it as she wants to dedicate to her child. Right now, she’s enjoying studying child development and hopes that she will be successful in this matter in the future.

“A woman’s confidence must come from within. The lack of self-confidence can be transferred through your eyes. You need this self-confidence in your everyday life whether for career or love life. If you set up a goal and focus on it, your confi-dence will be shined.”

Nattamon (Por) Phuwapadchim, meanwhile, commented that a successful woman is a woman who can

be happy with herself. Even if a woman has her own family and career, she still needs her freedom. As the future is uncertain, a woman needs to be able to depend on herself and be happy with it.

“My self-confidence has come from having a warm family. My parents al-ways teach me how to do the right thing and that enables me to make reasonable judgments instead of using emotions. My confidence in thoughts and actions have come from contemplating. Every mistake can be a lesson to strengthen us. I would like to see every woman knowing their own strengths and use them while maintaining both of their confidence and sweetness.”

Apinara (Prang) Srikarnchana, a successful businesswoman, said that a suc-cessful woman is not a superwoman who can do “everything” but she must succeed in doing “something” she is passionate about. Each woman has a different dream. To her, the success is having a business that generates social phenomenon.

“Confidence must come from within. We need good thought, strong mind, and positive attitude. With these, we will be able to solve our problems, transfer our posi-tive energy to others, and get good things in return. My self-confidence has been ac-cumulated through time. My family has played a key role in shaping my thoughts while having siblings has made me care for others. My idol is my mother – she is a talented woman who sacrificed a lot for her children. That’s why I always believe that there’s nothing a professional woman cannot do or be on par with a man.”

Apinara concluded that modern women need to be brave and have a gut to take actions. “Being crazy” might sound negative in Thai society but for the younger generation, they need this craziness to take actions instantly. She also emphasized that she’s glad to see Merz Aesthetics working to inspire women on this matter. Even if a woman has self-confidence, she still needs to look good. Beauty innovation is a solution that helps busy women look beautiful easily and efficiently.

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