Thien Qi Yun

- Singapore -

“Beauty shines from inside out. And it begins with humility and kindness.”

It was a misplaced spear thrust during a choreography practice for her adopted sport, Wushu, that could have forever altered Qi Yun’s life. While it missed anything vital, the spear did leave a gash on her cheek that left a visible scar. However, like so many things in her life, rather than let a challenge beat her down, Qi Yun has embraced it as part of her identity.

While the act of serendipity is often said of ‘happy accidents’, or seeing the good that comes out of an unexpected or challenging circumstance, Qi Yun saw the light at the end of a tunnel. From battling anxiety from acne and using exercise as an outlet, to seeing her social media content business succeed in spite of the lack of support from her family, Qi Yun has always taken what is hard and turned it into gold. As a social media content creator in the beauty field, Qi Yun believes that “beauty needs to be achieved in a healthy and sustainable manner. I also believe that beauty comes from the inside out and it shines through humility, kindness and striving to be the best version of ourselves”.

Turning a battle scar into an empowerment message

When she decided to partner with Merz Aesthetics to be part of the MASJ Squad, it was borne out of a desire to use her past struggle with acne and self-image to communicate a message of empowerment for betterment. “I always felt belittled as a girl, with my elder brother getting more ‘perks’ and attention from my parents. It became more evident as I moved on to school, with people expecting me to behave more like a girl – they told me Wushu was too violent – and when I moved on to society – they told me young women were not capable enough to start their own business. Thus, I am more motivated to lend my voice when it comes to helping young girls and standing for women’s rights.” Additionally, “my battle with acne is one that marked my life as I received a lot of negative judgments from friends who did not have that problem and could not understand the physical and mental pain that came along with it.”

Discovering beauty on her own terms

Her ultimate goal for her business as a beauty influencer is to help others redefine their concept of beauty. “It is also very important in my daily life as I am in the social media and creative field. Understanding how others view ‘beauty’ and creating beautiful content is part of my job and day-to-day life.”