Sarah Roza

- Australia -

“To me, people who help others are the most beautiful.”

Australian celebrity Sarah Roza is best known for her appearances on The Amazing Race Australia and Married at First Sight 2018. She points to the importance of beauty in her life, “A good canvas is really important – and this primarily comes from what’s happening inside as opposed to what you just put on your skin.” She believes that true beauty is “not simply an exterior dressing”, but is instead “the beautiful nature of a person who really shines.”

She believes that “Beauty comes from within – outer beauty can be enhanced, but inner beauty is just so important”.

Using influence to address and champions issues on self-confidence

“I’m really passionate about helping people build their sense of self and personal beliefs. I’m looking at working with schools to educate young women on these topics.” This belief was one of the key reasons she decided to become part of the MASJ Squad. Through this platform, she strongly believes it provides a stronger exposure to exert her positive influence. “The more exposure I get, the more I realise that I have been given this opportunity to champion these issues for other people and I take every opportunity I have to make this happen.”

Finding her blessings in disguise

Some of the biggest challenges in her life have led to some of her greatest breakthroughs, Sarah’s mother’s death for one, was very unexpected but later become a source of strength for her to live life to the fullest. The passing of her mother has encouraged her to seize the day and live in the moment by travelling the way her mother had always wanted to.