- Thailand -

“You only live once, so I don’t reject opportunities that comes.”

For PATINYA, fashion designer of her eponymous fashion label, PATINYA and Group Digital Content Curator of L’Officiel and L’Officiel Hommes Thailand, passion comes down to the way one lives their life. “I take opportunities given to me, and do it with passion. I have the attitude that the only way to learn is to just decide to do it, to get the real experience. People who have come to know me can feel the passion I put into everything I do and love, and through this, they can really begin to understand me.”

With no lack of experience taking on different roles and undertaking fresh challenges in her job, PATINYA epitomises the true modern day confident woman who has a vibrant outlook on life and always taking experiences whether good or bad, in her stride.

“I am not afraid to take charge of how I look.”

For PATINYA, or Guitar as she is known, being part of the MASJ Squad is a chance to guide and empower people who would like to be successful in what they do. She admires people who love themselves and she feels true beauty is about confidence in accepting themselves – “Beauty is like the gateway for someone to know the true person inside.” The fashion designer and former Brand Manager of Pandora is very frank when discussing her struggles and her successes. “I don’t ever let what I don’t know stop me from accepting a challenge. The greatest success comes from seeing good results, especially if you have not had any experience doing it. It’s just having a can-do attitude, a fighting spirit that helps me overcome challenges.”