Nitibha Kaul

- India -

“Being beautiful is about embracing the good in yourself.”

Holding a coveted role as an account strategist in one of the world’s most prestigious technological firm, could probably be bucketlist to check off for many. But not Nitibha. After a short stint in Google, she quit the dream job to join India’s biggest reality show, Bigg Boss, where contestants lived together in a house isolated from the outside world.

Through this programme, she was able to show the world who she was as a person and be appreciated for the positivity and goodness she has to offer – gaining ardent fans and supporters along the way. “I was able to survive with grace and dignity and that has now got me an audience committed to the content that I share with them.”

Expanding influence through rich content

Through her social media platforms, Nitibha aims to expand her influence by creating inspirational and motivational content. Not only that, she wishes to motivate others to grab opportunities at the right time.

“Beauty is about embracing your own individual identity – whether fashion, make-up or attitude”

For Nitibha, becoming part of the MASJ Squad gives her the opportunity to share her thoughts on what beauty is for her. She strongly believes that looking beautiful is important for one to feel confident and if a non-invasive aesthetic treatment can treat a condition, “one must go for it”.

But what really makes Nitibha confident?

“I love myself, and I love what I do. Knowing this makes me confident every day.”