Min Jeongwon

- South Korea -

“Why wait till you’re old to care for your skin?”

Min Jeongwon, or MinGarden as she is known to her followers, is a well-known Youtube beauty content creator who shares her beauty perspective, tips, tutorials and insights on all-things-beauty, skincare to even fashion! When she first started out, Jeongwon admitted it was an arduous task – much less to make into a full-time career. “While working as a YouTuber, I did not get any income for over three months. I then decided that if I did not get over 10,000 readers within six months, I would give up on this career. Once I challenged myself to reach this target, I decided to position myself as a professional skincare YouTuber by targeting the skincare field, emphasising strengths unique to me in the beauty industry.”

Through her persistence and determination, she is now a sought-after and much subscribed to Content Creator in the skincare and beauty sphere.

“I see aesthetic treatments as regular beauty maintenance.”

“Whenever I find good secret skincare tips, I enjoy sharing them. One of my favourite tips is from my mother. If you start getting aesthetic treatments only when you are older, it will cost more money and time. I see aesthetic treatments as regular beauty maintenance. It makes me very happy sharing the information with others and watching them enjoy good results.”

A positive influence and inspiration to others

She has even had the opportunity to share her success story with students in South Korea. “I told them how I started to create my own unique content by upholding my own tenets without an agency, unlike other YouTubers, and recommended the students to write about one thing they like and make that their mission statement.”

As a member of the MASJ Squad, MinGarden wants to share her positive aesthetic treatment experiences with others and the successful result of the treatments. She feels it is a good way to take care of one’s looks, and that regardless of what society thinks, a woman should embrace what works best for her.