Hana Giang Anh

- Vietnam -

“Beauty takes on so many forms, but self-confidence and self-love is crucial.”

Nguyễn Đăng Hương Giang, or Hana Giang Anh as many know her, has been encouraging and training others to be healthy through fitness and a healthy diet on her popular YouTube channel in Vietnam, Hana Giang Anh. As a member of the MASJ Squad, the idea of joining 10 other prominent women from around Asia Pacific to talk about self-confidence, beauty and aesthetic treatments has a strong appeal. “Beauty has so many forms but I think the most beautiful aspect is about having self-confidence and loving yourself. Beauty is very important in my daily life because it makes everything in the world more comfortable and nicer. Everything has its own beautiful side and ugly side, we just have to find and look at the good one.” Furthermore, she strongly believes that happiness on the inside shows as beauty on your face.

Battling stereotypes and increasing popularity on aesthetic treatments in Vietnam

Overcoming challenges and succeeding is nothing new for Hana. The current Group X Fitness Instructor and lifestyle influencer had to decide early on whether she would finish university or pursue her dreams. “My parents once told me if I don’t get a degree, I would be a failure in life, and become unhappy, poor, etc, but the reality is that I chased my dream and I feel happy and successful now.” She feels that the Vietnamese see more value today in taking care of themselves and that aesthetic treatments are growing in popularity.

Expanding influence for social good

Frequently involved in fundraising for disabled children in Hanoi, she hopes to continue to influence others with her positive energy, and expressing this energy on social networks so that people can be encouraged by her motivation and happiness.