Emily Quak

- Malaysia -

Experiencing serendipity and not looking back

For Emily Quak, radio DJ at MIX FM and Youtube personality, her current lifestyle wasn’t something purely serendipitous, but perhaps deemed like a true calling. She didn’t plan on finding a place in beauty as a career either. A degree in law and a good job at a firm in Melbourne would have been considered a successful career move for most people. However, Emily soon discovered that her real passion was not in law, but rather in beauty. “While practising law, I discovered beauty, blogging and Youtube-ing, and knew I found what I loved. I quit a promising, lucrative career in law to go into something where, basically, you have to hustle by yourself or nothing is going to come from it”.

“Beauty can affect confidence, and it’s important we address it.”

While beauty can be a subjective term and notion since medieval times, Emily shares with us her definition of beauty. “Beauty is authenticity. It’s the way you pull off being you daily. That’s what beauty is!” As part of the MASJ Squad, she is able to use her love of beauty and her own serendipitous story to connect positively with her followers and have a continuing conversation on how beauty can impact confidence and the many available options for enhancing the features people love about themselves.

“Do what makes you happy.”

“I am very very big on self-confidence and your own body image. A lot of people post a lot of horrible things online now and I don’t think that’s right.” People say, “You’re too skinny and if you gain some weight, you’re too fat. Without makeup, you’re too ugly; with makeup, too fake.” What I’m trying to do through my posts and through the things that I say to the people who message me is ‘do what makes you happy’.”