Chen Yi Li (“Queen”)

- Taiwan -

“Beauty can drive self-confidence”

“I want to help people gain confidence and feel happiness. Beauty can drive self-confidence, so I’m willing to try anything to secure it, as long as it’s safe. For example, I know I’ll have wrinkles as I age, and I’m excited to try some aesthetic treatments to help maintain my youthful skin and looks.”

Braving the road of uncertainties

For many budding authors, publishing their first book seems like a daunting risk. Thoughts like, “What if my book is not successful?” become almost synonymous for the uncertain. For Chen Yi Li, or Queen as her fans know her, this was exactly the situation she faced when approached to write a book after years of blogging. “I’ve always wanted to be a writer since childhood. I was confident in my viewpoint and articles through years of blogging and was excited that I finally had the opportunity to be a writer. But I was afraid that I might fail.”

The former marketer, who started writing her blog as a hobby and an outlet for her thoughts, now has the distinction of being the first blogger to successfully publish a best-selling book, 我是女王-那些好女孩不懂的事, in Taiwan. Unexpectedly, the book became a best-seller as soon as it was launched, and she has since gone on to write nine books over the past 10 years, all of which have become best-sellers in Taiwan.

Empowering the community to build confidence through enhancements

As a member of the MASJ Squad, Queen wants to help facilitate the conversation between beauty and self-confidence. “Beauty is the most critical element in the world, whether it’s physical or inner beauty, we should take care of both. I think beautiful things can come with powerful influence. I hope that through my influence, I can inspire people’s ideas of beauty, and let them learn to love and accept themselves, and know how to appreciate their unique beauty.” She sees her Serendipity Journey as an empowering platform to address how people can build confidence through aesthetic treatments, while also having the chance to enhance their favourite features.