Cat Arambulo Antonio

- Philippines -

“I want to inspire people to be empowered to take control of their own lives and love themselves, first, and more.” 

Born in the bustling city of Manila, this Los Angeles-raised mother-of- two, Cat Arambulo-Antonio is as strong an advocate for owning one’s own space as anyone you will meet. Currently a judge on AXN Asia’s The Apartment, an interior design competition reality show, the 38-year-old is an ideal candidate for the MASJ Squad because she believes it is a powerful platform to open up honest discussions about beauty and life.

“I want to show everyone how beautiful life is and inspire them to live in style always. I don’t want to influence or brainwash anyone to just copy me blindly. Instead, I want to inspire people to be empowered to take control of their lives and love themselves more. Never lose yourself to your partner or children. Instead, be your own person, live it and own it. Because at the end of the day, you can’t give what you don’t have. The more you love yourself, the more love you can give to others.”

Leveraging her influence to instil confidence and self-belief

In the Philippines, aesthetic procedures are not widely accepted, and Cat is using her influence to help foster how people view confidence, beauty, and aesthetic treatments. She shares, “Beauty is beyond skin deep. But let’s face it, we’re all human. Not everyone has the time to look beyond your physical appearance to see if you are beautiful on the inside too or have a pleasing personality. So for me, beauty is being confident in your own skin and loving yourself with no pretensions. It’s about knowing your strengths and physical assets by embracing them or even enhancing them. But it is also about acknowledging your weaknesses and insecurities. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, ask for help and fix it.”