Bonnie Chu

- Hong Kong -

“To be able to love others, I must first love myself.” 

We may have heard of successful career women juggling multiple roles and hats, but for Bonnie Chu, she epitomises the roles in admirable fashion. A vice president, chef, cookbook author, host and a mother – all at once passionately.

“Pursuing her passion amidst commitments”

She started Cooktown LTD in 2016, a cooking school and workshop in Hong Kong where she is able to share what she loves most – food – and even published her first cookbook in 2015 while still working full-time and raising her son simultaneously. Despite her string of commitments, Bonnie remains dedicated in her involvement in the entertainment scene as a host, and is currently working on a new cookbook and filming a cooking program with TVB – Big Big Channel.

Open conversations about aesthetic treatments

As part of the MASJ Squad, Bonnie is bringing her singular focus to her newest platform. She has a desire to help her followers have open and on-going conversations about aesthetic treatments and beauty and encourage them to realise their dreams. One of her biggest regrets is giving up on a music career and it has shaped her life philosophy since. “Growing up, it has always been my dream to be a singer but I rejected a singing contract at 18 years old because my boyfriend at that time was against it. Now, I understand that you should never give up your dreams for anybody. Your partner or your lover may leave you one day, but your dream is always your dream. If you go for it, fight for it, the result is yours.”