Almiranti Fira

- Indonesia -

“Taking care of our beauty can make us women more confident – and that’s important.”

Almiranti Fira’s definition of beauty is closely tied up with her independent nature. “Beauty means needing to believe in yourself; beauty is not just about the appearance but from the soul too. It’s quite important because I think if we care for ourselves and take care of our beauty, we can help make women feel more confident.”

As a member of the MASJ Squad, she will be telling her story in real time and sharing her serendipitous journey with her followers. This platform will give her an opportunity to discuss openly her own personal journey of aesthetic treatments with others in her home country.

Beating the naysayers through success

Being so active on her YouTube channel has created many new opportunities for Almiranti, and she frequently collaborates with beauty brands to create unique content for them. While her conservative family has questioned her choices from time to time, her success has proven that the educational choices one makes are not the only defining choices in success or failure.

A beacon of inspiration for the youth 

In fact, she shares, “I was asked to speak in a university to their students, to motivate them to become someone successful at a young age. Even before graduating from college, or just as a fresh graduate, you can achieve something big. Age should not stop you from chasing your dream.”