Perfect Your First Visit To a Medical Professional With These 6 Vital Steps

Perfect Your First Visit To a Medical Professional With These 6 Vital Steps

You can now make your first appointment worry-free.


1. Prepare a Set of Questions or Concerns You May Have

You do want to be well-informed of what you’re in for. They say curiosity kills the cat but when it comes to aesthetic treatments, it does not apply! Note any questions you may have on your phone or a notebook and don’t hesitate to whip those questions out at your first visit.


2. Stick to Your Usual Skincare Routine

Being honest about your skincare routine with your doctors grants them the opportunity to assess, advise and make informed decisions to ensure the best results for you. For instance, microfocused ultrasound with visualization #mfuv lifts and tightens the skin naturally by delivering energy to the skin’s foundation layers without disrupting the surface. Hence there is no to minimal downtime and should be compatible with most skincare regimes. Remember to consult your doctors accordingly!


3. Make a List of Products Your Skin is Comfortable With

Different products contain a plethora of different ingredients and it is crucial to know what exactly you apply on your skin. Note down their names and active ingredients as it can allow your doctors to identify any possible loopholes in your routine, which may be the cause to your incessant skincare woes.


4. Look Up the Costs!

Non-invasive treatments may not be inexpensive, so it’s important we do our research to seek out options. Namely, if you’re seeking out to tighten your skin, you may explore staggered microfocused ultrasound with visualisation #mfuv treatments. Designed to help patients better manage their budgets, #mfuv treatments focus and treat specific areas that are of concern. Let’s not set ourselves up for disappointment or a rude awakening and look up the costs before walking through those doors!


5. Avoid Certain Medications

If you’re opting for any injectable aesthetic treatment with botulinum toxin or dermal fillers, your doctor may advise you to avoid certain medications that increase your risk of bleeding or bruising. Also, be sure to steer clear of products which may trigger any allergies you might have. Especially if you have experienced any side effects from a particular injectable treatment in the past!


6. Build a Rapport With Your Doctor

This may sound like a given, but it is definitely vital to ensure that your visits to the aesthetic clinics are pleasant and comfortable for a smooth process. Engage in a healthy conversation with the doctors and learn more about the procedures before you make your decision.